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General Clinical Medicine and Surgical ability in conflict and rural areas. Ability in Coordinating and managing HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and Sexual Reproductive Health Programs. Research and Analytical aptitude. Leadership, Public Speaking, Effective oral and written communication skills. Understanding and experience in utilizing Microsoft Office, Epi Info and R software. Driving on rough and smooth roads.

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Institude of Tropical Medicine
September 2019 to July 2020
Antwerp, Cameroun
In the health system and health policy course, we described and defended our respective local health systems, presented a blog on selected health policies in our respective countries and visited the local health system of Belgium to compare with what happens in our own countries. In research methods in public health, we were introduced to health systems research, did quantitative methods with basics in epidemiology and statistics, qualitative methods and monitoring and evaluation. with health problems and programs, we described the burden of diseases, models and interventions, intervention analysis and choice and operational challenges. health policy and systems research methodology was more in-depth and ended by writing a research proposal. We are finally rounding up with design and evaluation of of health problems.

University of Buea
January 2007 to July 2014
Buea, Cameroun
Pre-clinical for the first two years (anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, histology). Followed by clinical years that included; medical pathologies in internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, medical anthropology and sociology, medical ethics, Immunology, embryology and pre-hospital rotations from the third to forth year. From the fifth to the sixth years, we had major hospital rotations in all services to acquire diagnostic and treatment skills, assisted in nursing care, community outreach activities, assisting in minor and major surgical interventions and lectures on mental health, occupational medicine and research (made research proposals and defended). The final year was end with 6 months horsemanship in the local health area (districts). were we functioned as medical medical doctors under supervision. And conducted the propose research and defended the MD thesis before graduating.


R analysis Software
Institude of Tropical Medicine
November 2019 to December 2019
Antwerp, Belgique
Practical learning and data analysis using software. Data entry, coding and decoding and drawing charts.

Epi Info Software Use
University of Buea
May 2013 to May 2013
Buea, Cameroun
Practical learning and data analysis using software. Data entry, coding and decoding and drawing charts.

Fisrt Aid Training
University of Buea / SAMU
July 2010 to July 2010
Buea, Cameroun
Intensive training on primary and secondary survey in emergencies and interventions. Learn how to do thoracocentesis and tracheocentesis.

Computer science
Bilingual Computer Center
August 2003 to August 2003
Bafoussam, Cameroun
Basic functions of a computer and focus on Microsoft Office and Internet.


Medical Officer
Ministry of Public Health, District Hospital
May 2015 to July 2019
Mamfe, Cameroun
Led the anti-corruption team at the hospital, ensuring adequate management of hospital resources Lead physician carrying out routine Outpatient consultations, Emergency consultation, in-patient consultation in the Medical and Surgical Wards. Performed over a hundred routine Surgical procedures i.e Caesarean deliveries, heniorhaphies, appendectomies. Cheered and organized monthly continuous medical education in the hospital, edifying personnel on prevailing diseases encountered in the hospital Team leader in outreach activities, vaccination campaign, quality assessment of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria care plan, and Lead physician in routine surveillance of Measles, Polio, Yellow fever, Cholera, Ebola, Chikungunya, Schistosomiasis and Post Mortem analysis.

Research coordinator, Lecturer
October 2016 to December 2018
Mamfe, Cameroun
Lecturer in anatomy, physiology, and hospital skills adapted for nurses, Hospital mentor for nursing students on practical experience at teaching hospitals Lecturer of research methods for nurses and coordinator of research projects of the school. Supervisor of state registered nursing board exam.

Chief Medical Officer
Pamol Plantations Plc
July 2014 to April 2015
Ekondo Titi, Cameroun
Charged with administration and management of hospital and staff. Oversee Budgeting, and Procurement of hospital needs i.e. equipment, laboratory reagents and drugs Served as Consultant Physician for Occupational Health, assessing the health status and needs of 500 workers with the PAMOL estate. Led routine Outpatient and emergency consultations, in patient follow up, CME, organizing outreach activities Supervisor of Interns and Nurses during clinical rotations Provided hand-on training on surgical procedures such as appendectomies, caesarean sections, henioraphies to interns on clinical rotation.


1. Prevalence and outcome of teenage hospital births at the Buea health district, Southwest Region, Cameroon.
Authors: Thomas Obinchemti Egbe, Amadeus Omeichu, Gregory Edie Halle-Ekane, Charlotte Nguefack Tchente, Eta-Nkongho Egbe, Jean-Francois Oury. , 2015
Type of Doc: Article | Type of Publication: Scientific Journal

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