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Centres d'Intérêts sont les domaines sur lesquels les experts souhaiteraient se concentrer ou découvrir sur Collectivity


Master in Quantitative and Econometric Methods for Research
University Aix-Marseille
September 2017 to July 2019
Marseille, République démocratique du Congo
The "Public Health: Quantitative and Econometric Methods for Health Research" (MQERS) research programme of the Master of Public Health aims to train students in quantitative methods (biostatistical modelling, economic modelling, econometrics) for processing medical information of increasing complexity. This advanced training offers the ability to master the theoretical foundations of quantitative methods in order to know how to implement them in health fields requiring high-level skills and expertise in methodology. It also provides the skills required to conduct research involving the crossover of quantitative methods with qualitative methods, which are of growing interest in health.

Licence en Sciences Economiques et de Gestion
Université Officielle de Mbujimayi
October 2009 to September 2014
Mbujimayi, République démocratique du Congo


Politique de Financement de la Santé pour la Couverture Santé Universelle
Organisation Mondiale de la Santé
December 2019 to February 2020
Mbujimayi, République démocratique du Congo

Financement basé sur la performance
December 2019 to December 2019
Mbujimayi, République démocratique du Congo


Project Officer
Concern Worldwide
October 2019 to aujourd'hui
Mweneditu, République démocratique du Congo
Based in Mweneditu at Concern Worldwide, I implement project activities and supervise 3 food security and livelihoods officers and assistants in an emergency food security project for the distribution of food, market garden and food crop seeds and farming tools funded by USAID Food For Peace. Responsibilities and Achievements Conduct of community targeting of beneficiaries in the Yangala health zone, market study, sensitization of beneficiaries, planning of activities, review of activities, writing of reports and development of food security data collection and analysis tools.

Assistant at the Faculty of Economics and Management
Official University of Mbujimayi
December 2015 to aujourd'hui
Mbujimayi, République démocratique du Congo
Research Area: Statistics, Project Preparation and Evaluation, Quantitative Economics and Health Economics.

Monitoring and Evaluation Area Manager
Concern Worldwide
August 2018 to August 2019
Mweneditu, République démocratique du Congo
Based in Mweneditu at Concern Worldwide, I supervise 2 M&E Assistants and a team of daily surveyors in 2 emergency projects funded by Unicef (Rapid Response to Population Movements) and USAID (Emergency Food Assistance to Conflict Affected Households in Lomami, DRC (Food For Peace), FFP))to respond to vulnerable people (host communities, IDPs in IDP camps, IDPs in host families) in Eastern DRC and Lomami through Unconditional Cash Transfer, direct distribution of MEAs/NFIs and distribution of food, food seeds, vegetable seeds and farming tools. Responsibilities and Achievements Support the development of the annual reporting and monitoring/evaluation plan for the RRMP and FFP programmes, support the monitoring and evaluation manager in the implementation of the reporting and monitoring/evaluation framework, supervise the monitoring and evaluation assistants, compile and analyze data after each evaluation and enter them into the indicator tracking table, train and supervise the assistants and investigators, design and develop surveys and ensure their follow-up, support the assistant in charge of complaints management in the harvesting and processing of the beneficiaries' plants, organize multi-sectoral needs assessments, market research and baseline, represent Concern Worldwide at coordination meetings in the area and ensure relations with partners, prepare a budget forecast according to the planned activities.

Health Economist
National Adolescent Health Programme
December 2010 to July 2018
Mbujimayi, République démocratique du Congo
Based in Mbujimayi with activities covering the entire province of Kasai Oriental in its former configuration. Under the direct supervision of the Provincial Coordinator for her project Adolescent Participation and Development, Quality Primary Education (EPQ) and the All In Global Initiative against HIV, Gender-based Sexual Violence and the Promotion of Protection of Adolescents and Young People funded by UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and UNAIDS for the benefit of adolescents and young people ex-militia members in Greater Kasai. Responsibilities and Achievements Responsible for the collection, verification, synthesis, analysis and interpretation of data, monthly and annual reports of the adolescent and youth program; train youth peer educators in data collection and reporting, learning from study results; monitor and evaluate data collection activities related to the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youth; conduct field visits with health experts in the project's health zones. Data Manager of the Millennium Acceleration Framework (CAO/MAA) and Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant at the National Adolescent Health Programme / Provincial Health Division of Kasai Oriental within the framework of the project Participation and Development of Adolescents (PDA) funded by UNICEF and the All In initiative funded by UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and UNAIDS.

Consultant Field Officer Data Analysis
Save the Children
June 2015 to December 2015
Mbujimayi, République démocratique du Congo
Under the supervision of the Field Manager, I was based in Mbujimayi for the Unicef-funded ARCC project which consisted in studying a new strategy (cash transfer) to improve the treatment of severe acute malnutrition in children under 5 years old. Responsibilities and Achievements Manage the study database by ensuring the quality, relevance and efficiency of the work from the design of the tools, recruitment of encoders, implementation of the questionnaire, data collection and analysis, supervision of the encoder team and report writing.


Cost-effectiveness analysis of family kits in the perspective of achieving the Millennium Development Goals, Aix-Marseille University, 2019.
Authors: , 2019
Type of Doc: Article | Type of Publication: Scientific Journal

Cost-effectiveness analysis of unconditional cash and direct food distribution strategies in improving food consumption scores, in Pistes Africaines, 2019
Authors: , 2019
Type of Doc: Article | Type of Publication: Scientific Journal

Analysis of stress tests on the Congolese banking sector. Application to BIAC from 2007 to 2015.
Authors: , 2019
Type of Doc: Article | Type of Publication: Scientific Journal

Study and modelling of banking expectation phenomena. Case of TMB/Mbujimayi
Authors: , 2019
Type of Doc: Article | Type of Publication: Magazine

The financing of health in sub-Saharan Africa, comparative analysis of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Ivory Coast and Angola
Authors: , 2018
Type of Doc: Article | Type of Publication: Academic Journal

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