A propos Hamada AG AHMED

Specialist of the Sahel area, having the level of adviser to the humanitarian, political and diplomatic high personalities on development and geopolitical analysis with a large network in the field. Mastering all functions of representation and related issues in terms of sectoral policies with a careful reading in terms of needs, stakeholder’s agendas and trends. Strengthening, animating and motivating an expatriate and national team on results and creating a dynamic of successful operations are vital to me. Creative and innovative in conceptual terms in an environment where access is limited and team safety a major issue with a concern for ownership, local partnership and public involvement. Comprehensive knowledge in vertical or transversal on health, nutrition, agriculture and pastoralism, household economics, employment and protection of the youngest, territorial development and infrastructure basics integrating gender, migration, climate or any other related topic with an excellent knowledge of the procedures of the main donors and issues. Concerned about, an harmonious development of operational volume by maintaining ethical and deontological balances as well as financial optimization and operation’s accountability.

Compétence Professionnelle
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Centres d'Intérêts

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Master in Humanitairian and development actions Management
September 2003 to December 2004
Paris, France


Coordinateur Pays - Programme KEY Union Européenne
Groupe URD
April 2019 to aujourd'hui
Bamako, Mali
Expert principal pour l'appui à la délégation de l'union européenne pour la coordination transversale du Programme Key (5 consortia- 27 ONG- 5 régions - 49 communes du Mali) au compte du Groupe URD - Agilité - Suivi Évaluation - Capitalisation - Formation -Communication -Coordination

Responsable desk Afrique/Haiti
Secours Islamique France
September 2015 to April 2019
Paris, France
Coordination de la programmation opérationnelle. Basé au siège avec couverture de 5 pays: Mali; Sénégal; Tchad , Madagascar et Haïti - Stratégie - Programmation (conception et mise en œuvre des projets) - Budgets - Management RH - Sous-évaluation -Gestion du déploiement y compris sécurité

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