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I lead the international Decision Support Initiative (iDSI) Programme in India , helping the Government establish HTA & priority Setting and implement its huge health Insurance scheme. I am passionate about improving the quality of care through Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs). I designed the guidelines methodology at NICE after leading the international AGREE Research collaboration of 19 countries that developed the AGREE Instrument for STGs. This has reaffirmed my belief that change is most effective through partnerships and collective thinking. I have over 15 years’ experience in global health, including in Sub Saharan Africa (Mali and Uganda) and other LMICs (Thailand, Ghana,Turkey, Georgia, Vietnam and Tunisia).


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PhD in Health Services Research
University of London
June 1996 to July 2001
London, Royaume-Uni
Development & application of an appraisal instrument for assessing the methodological quality of clinical practice guidelines in the UK. The Instrument formed the basis for the AGREE Instrument which is the Gold standard for assessing clinical guidelines (translated in I also create the frame for the Guidelines Methods Manual at the NICE. Grants: Further testing of an appraisal instrument for evaluating guidelines at the interface between primary and secondary care. Funding body: NHS R&D Programme in the Primary and Secondary Care Interface. Strengthening effective practice: promoting the rigorous development of clinical guidelines in Europe through the creation of a common appraisal instrument. Towards effective health care policy in Europe: promoting a coherent approach to the development, dissemination and assessment of clinical guidelines through established networks “AGREE”. contributed to large Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grants in the past 10 year. Founding member of the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N)


Senior Policy Fellow
Imperial College London
October 2016 to aujourd'hui
London, Royaume-Uni
Responsible for strategic direction; identifying consulting opportunities for GHD; designing, negotiating and delivering on bilateral health projects GHD & country clients. Liaising with external partners and donors to scope and deliver on specific projects, particularly those relating to clinical guidelines/ & Quality Standards’methodology and process development. Leading on projects worldwide inc. India,

Senior Technical Adviser NICE International
September 2008 to September 2016
London, Royaume-Uni
Lead on NICE International projects in several LMICs with a focus on clinical guidelines

Technical Adviser
January 2002 to August 2008
London, Royaume-Uni
Responsible for developing methods and processes of NICE clinical guidelines, leading on the NICE guidelines manual. Undertaking medium to long-term strategic reviews for developing guidelines at national and international level.

Research Fellow & lecturer
ST George's Medical School
February 1993 to September 2002
London, Royaume-Uni
Scientific lead of European funded research projects related to clinical guideline development and assessment. Writing grant applications, coordinating a large team of international researchers. Leading the AGREE collaboration. Publishing papers, teaching undergraduates and postgraduates, line managing research assistants

Public Health Specialist
Tulane University
January 1986 to September 1987
Bamako, Mali
Country representative responsible for collecting, analysing and synthesising secondary health and demographic information on vulnerable populations at risk of famine for (Famine Early Warning Systems ) FEWS


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