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I am a health specialist recruited at UNICEF since 2002. I worked for 4 years at TFT staff from 2002 to 2006 and I became a FT staff since 2009. My assignment is the IMCI health specialist and I’m involved in community activities. I worked closely with the community health workers in services delivery to the community such as community cases management, promotion and prevention activities. I am in charge of the planning, implementation and the following of their activities in section of child survival and development programme at contry level of Benin at UNICEF Cotonou. I am interested by this webinaire and the follwing sharing at this platform.


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Master in Public health
ULB Université Libre de Bruxelles
October 1999 to October 2000
Bruxelles, Belgique
Public health Economic health Epidemiology planification Nutrition environment development Statistics Research health promotion

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