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Erik Josephson is a health financing expert with hands-on experience with results-based financing (RBF), resource allocation, expenditure and budget tracking and costing. He has collaborated with counterparts at all levels of the health sector from the health facility to the senior levels of government. He brings specific expertise in developing and implementing financing mechanisms for health. His current areas of focus are innovation in verification in supply-side PBF schemes, and the re-conceptualization of PBF as a provider payment mechanism. Mr. Josephson is fluent in French. Erik Josephson est un expert en financement de la santé ayant une expérience pratique du financement axé sur les résultats (RBF), de l'affectation des ressources, des dépenses et du suivi budgétaire et des coûts. Il a collaboré avec des homologues à tous les niveaux du secteur de la santé, de l'établissement de santé aux hauts fonctionnaires. Il apporte une expertise spécifique dans l'élaboration et la mise en œuvre de mécanismes de financement pour la santé. Ses domaines d'intérêt actuels sont l'innovation en matière de vérification dans le cadre du FBP du côté de l'offre et la re-conceptualisation du FBP en tant que mécanisme de paiement des fournisseurs. M. Josephson parle couramment le français.


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MA in Philosophy
University of St Andrews
September 1997 to June 2001
St Andrews


Health Economist
World Health Organization
July 2018 to aujourd'hui
Phnom Penh, Cambodge
Benefit package design, National Health Accounts, financial protection analysis, household survey analysis

STC, Results-based financing
World Bank
April 2016 to June 2018
Washington DC, États-Unis
‒ Supporting the scale-up of two supply-side results-based financing mechanisms in Liberia, and one in Sierra Leone ‒ Finalizing a series of case studies, and a cross-case analysis, on verification in results-based financing ‒ Co-organizing a series of web-based, simultaneous dual-language seminars for country representatives from the 16 Global Financing Facility countries to facilitate cross-country learning on starting up with GFF ‒ Co-organized a four-day workshop on the results of impact evaluations in results-based financing for health for 130 participants from 26 countries ‒ Facilitated the World Bank’s e-learning course on results-based financing ‒ Co-facilitated a “write-shop” with results-based financing practitioners in Burkina Faso to support the production of policy notes and case studies for advocacy purposes and / or to document lessons learned

Consultant RBF Specialist
June 2016 to October 2016
Co-organized a two-day workshop on quality of care in results-based financing for 40 participants

Consultant, RBF Specialist
ThinkWell Global
January 2016 to January 2016
Advice to the Global Fund on potential approaches to RBF in their country programming

Health Financing Specialist
ThinkWell Global
June 2013 to June 2014
‒ Principal advisor to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on the design of the Liberia Health Equity Fund, a national health insurance mechanism to cover all Liberians, leading the political and technical tracks of the design. ‒ Co-authored an options paper on, and proposed a roadmap for, creating a national health insurance mechanism for Liberia. ‒ Advocated for and coordinated a Ministry of Health-led, cross-governmental series of design discussions on governance (setting up a purchasing agent), revenue generation, cost projections, marketing and quality service delivery aspects of health insurance. ‒ Organized and led a study tour to the Ghanaian National Health Insurance Authority for 10 Liberian government representatives and 5 donor / partner representatives (Feb 2014).

STC, Results-based financing
World Bank
February 2013 to May 2013
Washington DC
‒ Advisor to the World Bank Haiti task team establishing a results-based financing (RBF) project for maternal and child health in Haiti funded by by IDA / HRITF. ‒ Developed a new fee-for-service with caps provider payment model based on analysis of global experience with incentivization mechanisms for providers. ‒ Co-led an innovative analysis of required funding to facilities to incentivize increased performance, including a validation workshop with field-based government health workers. ‒ Authored a fiscal space analysis to establish the sustainability of the RBF mechanism with a view to gradually increasing domestically-generated resources into the mechanism.

Health Financing Specialist
ThinkWell Global, USAID
January 2012 to January 2013
‒ Conducted a feasibility assessment of the Ministry of Public Health and Population of Haiti to establish a central contracting unit for health service contracting. ‒ Worked collaboratively with the Ministry of Public Health and Population and the World Bank on establishing a results-based financing mechanism for maternal and child health services nationally. ‒ Conducted assessment of fiduciary risk for direct donor-to-government financing and recommended key fiduciary safeguards to mitigate risk.

Deputy Country Director
Clinton Health Access Initiative
November 2008 to January 2012
‒ Provided support and capacity building to the Ministry of Health in the areas of health system management and planning, health financing, health systems costing and human resource development. ‒ Provided leadership in development of Rwanda’s health resource tracking system to improve performance management and increase transparency of financing into the health sector. ‒ Member of a team that compiled the gap analysis for Rwanda’s $354 million application to the Global Fund in 2010. ‒ Oversaw a facility-based in-depth costing of HIV treatment in Rwanda to recommend more efficient and effective ways of scaling-up treatment in the context of flat-lining donor funding. ‒ Led financial sustainability analysis of introducing HPV vaccine in Rwanda.


National Health Insurance Design in Liberia: Key Considerations for Equitable, Efficient and Sustainable Health Care Access
Authors: Josephson, Erik; Rajkotia, Yogesh; Banzon, Eduardo; Andoh Adjei, Francis Xavier., 2014
Type of Doc: Report | Type of Publication: Blog/Web SiteOther

Etude sur le système voucher de la composante santé à Madagascar
Authors: Josephson, Erik; Guillebert, Josselin, 2014
Type of Doc: Report | Type of Publication: Blog/Web SiteOther

Verification of performance in results based financing programs : the case of Plan Nacer in Argentina
Authors: Perazzo, Alfredo; Josephson, Erik; , 2014
Type of Doc: Report | Type of Publication: Blog/Web SiteOther

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