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Coloniality: an interesting case (India-UK)

Dear everyone, 

This article about the participation of Indian soldiers in World War I reports an interesting case. It could trigger a very good discussion in a class on coloniality. Where should be such archives? At the British Library? In Punjab? In both? For which use? What could be the role of British citizens with an Indian origin in the use of this material?

I have no answer, but I understand that we miss something to do the best use of our common history. May be we need a special European Union program, a European Union funded museum (although after the Brexit, we will miss the most important historical player), a network of institutions around the World working on this agenda...

I also think that an institute like ITM could have, each year, a class around this theme.

Have a nice week-end!




carol sacré

Dear All,

Now, after this awful October:  the shocking  election's results in Brazil, antisemitic attacks in US, white supremacist, rising power of the far right in Europe..... 

Our world has definitely turned into hatred. We are there, it's obvious and ...scary

We are all facing our responsability as citizens.

Here is an interesting  article written by Achille Mbembe, one of the most brilliant intellectuals on post-colonial issues.   Two  years ago, he wrote this  precise and premonitory text.    It can help to think and act....

Have a good week


Werner Soors

Dear all,

In an earlier exchange, I pointed to the central importance of Franz Fanon for the understanding of colonialism and what we today call coloniality. I hereby attach what is most likely one of the best introductions to Fanon's work (in English): Lewis Gordon's 'What Fanon said' (2015).

Good resources on coloniality and decoloniality are many, though not necessarily enough or enough known.

I would argue that a key author, along with Franz Fanon but a generation younger, is Linda Tuhiwai Smith. Her 1999 masterpiece 'Decolonizing methodologies: research and indigenous peoples' is a must read, and hereby also attached.

Warm regards,

werner soors

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