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a view point by George Monbiot / ecological transition

Dear everyone,

I found this viewpoint interesting. 

The worst denial is not the claim that this existential crisis isn’t happening. It is the failure to talk about it at all.

We will talk about this existential crisis in Profondeville.




Pierre Massat

Thank you Bruno.

If I may add a few articles to this list, I strongly recommend these two from Rob Hopkins' blog:

Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the imagination

“We’ve disabled the cognitive and collaborative skills needed to address climate change”


Rob Hopkins comes from the Permaculture school of thought, which ranks among the most intelligent ways of looking at the world (and acting accordingly) that I've heard of in my entire life. Here's a couple of quotes from Bill Mollisson - co-creator of the concept of Permaculture - from a lecture he gave in 1981:

In order to change our ways, we seem to need to terrify ourselves,
anticipating tidal waves and catastrophes.[...] What is really happening is something
for which we, as human beings, are personally responsible.
It is very general. Almost everything we say applies everywhere.


The effects of [deforestation and other human activites] on world climate are becoming apparent
both in the composition of the atmosphere and in the inability
of the atmosphere to buffer changes. In any month now, we will
break the world weather records in some way.

He gave this lecture 37 years ago. Shortly before his death in 2016 somebody interviewed him and asked him what kept him going for all these years. "Anger", he said.

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