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Launch of the 5 subgroups

Dear everyone,

At last, we come back to you! The analysis of the results of the flash consultation took us more time than expected. Sorry the delay. We are very happy to announce you that we are now ready for the next steps. We have identified 5 priority areas for our Strategic Purchasing Working Group: development and test of a rapid assessment guide, assessment of PBF as an enabler to strategic purchasing, the issue of how new evidence is used in PBF/P4P programs, the challenge of governing multiple financing schemes and the use of routine information for Strategic Purchasing.

We now invite you to join at least one of the subgroups. We have tried to propose work programs of variable nature, duration and ambition. We hope that you will find something to your taste in this menu. Take the time to read each description. Expectations in terms of contribution and profiles vary.

You can find the description of the challenge for the five subgroups here. (You have to scroll down: the vignettes are under the flash consultations).

We hope to have groups wich are well-balanced in terms of continents and affiliation of the experts. As much as possible, we will respect your own choice. If you have set up a country team, discuss your choices collectively. As you shall see, there are sometimes linkages between the groups. 

Notice that we would like to start the work very soon. The applications will be closed end of October.

Do not hesitate to react on this forum if you have questions. 


We look forward to this exciting program

Bruno, on behalf of:

Inke, Fahdi, Isidore, Danielle, Deva, Elina, Martin, Laura, Olivier, Lluis & Cheickna