Strategic Purchasing and COVID-19
Exploring the impacts of adjustments to purchasing arrangements during the pandemic
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Global - International
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22/02 - 30/07/2021
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3-4 hours per month
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The current pademic has forced us to further think about critical questions during reconfiguration of purchasing agreements to provide COVID-19 related health services, as well as to continue provision of non-COVID-19 health services, survive future health shocks, and function in times of fiscal austerity. 

Further exploration is now needed to help deepen understanding of these changes and draw lessons.

On the Collectivity platform, we have had two successful projects on strategic purchasing over the past years thanks to the great participation of many Collectivity colleagues. We also had many responses and inputs from Collectivity members on a survey about COVID19 & purchasing arrangements

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The overall objective of this new project is to contribute to collectively exploring the impacts of adjustments in purchasing arrangements as part of the COVID-19 health response.

Based on the proposed country-specific topics, a  series of closed exchanges will be nurtured to focus on practical experience and learning that can occur between practitioners, looking critically at policy responses to purchasing during COVID-19. Each country team will be supported by a peer facilitator.

A final exchange will serve to identify key lessons learnt to be included in a joint article and how to organize the drafting (TBD May-June 2021).


Participants can sign up through the Collectivity project page by submitting their questions and 200 word or less statement of motivation. The sign up period will close on February 15th. If participants sign up as a team, they should indicate the names and affiliations of team members and who will be the team lead. Please see the concept note under "project resources" for further details. 


Participants will need to have a good understanding of how their health system has handled purchasing decisions during COVID-19 and be prepared to spend 3-4 hours per month through May 2021 on this effort.

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