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01/11 - 31/12/2017
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This project is a spin-off of the international meeting organized in Antwerp on September 14-15. The starting point of the Antwerp meeting was the recognition that indicators currently used by Performance Based Financing (PBF) programs need to be revised. Updating these indicators will lead to greater benefits for the hundred thousands of family planning users in PBF programs. The fifty participants of the meeting identified six priority dimensions on which PBF systems should focus, as for family planning services: client experience, outcomes, staff technical knowledge, structural indicators, patient rights and equity. We look for experts willing to finalize indicators for each of these six dimensions.

This activity specifically relates to the ‘rights’ dimension. During the meeting, participants agreed that the right-based approach (RBA) was a powerful tool to assess the extent to which PBF programs consolidate rights of users of FP services. This group is expected to use the RBA to identify possible areas of improvement in PBF programs and recommend actions, including possibly new indicators.


As a member of this team, you will be expected to finalize a list of recommendations and propose up to 7 indicators for the ‘rights’ dimension. Among other tasks, you will have to: 

  • Read some documents on RBA and scientific literature
  • Complete the template provided by coordination team of the working group
  • Co-author recommendations
  • Give feedback to the coordination team on the template
  • Contribute to the dissemination of the outcome of this work.


This subgroup is facilitated by Beverly and Aida. 

Please be prepared to propose a few recommended indicators.  You can save your proposed indicators in the google folder noted below.  

Please utilize the "New Contribution" button at the bottom of the page to communicate with the group via Collectivity.  If we feel it is needed in the future, we can also communicate through the classic email system.  


Recommended FP Indicators by Working Group Due November 17th 

In the short term, we have been charged with moving forward the conversation and work initiated in Antwerp around coming up with a set up updated PBF family planning indicators.  A template for recommended indicators was circulated for comment by October 26th: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r7XLwYZVekgj0cZdlYgot-yvbKASuE4dDZVbs3olp0k/edit

Each working group is asked to submit approximately 7 indicators consistent with their group's theme.


Proposed Working Group Process for or Recommended Indicators

We propose using the following Google folder to organize our Working Group's files for this and future activities. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GcsGf1wp2IQmdypSoKO9zE9FeThrRyNO?usp=sharing 

We also propose using the template above for now when recommending indicators within our sub-group.  

Please save completed indicator templates for indicators you would like to recommend in the folder titled "Proposed Indicators Activities Nov 2017" and include the name of the indicator in the document title with a date.   Please include your recommended indicators.  

Reviewing and Ranking Indicators

Following indicator submissions by all the Working Groups, there will be a review and ranking exercise, which will be completed by December 17th.  We will get more details on that later.  

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