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Pictures from the meeting

Dear everyone,

Tamara and I had a lot of other activities the last two weeks, but we are progressively coming back to the follow-up of our great meeting. Let's start with the most important: the pictures. ;-) 

Valérie has uploaded the best ones on the Collectivity blog. I realize that I did not take picture of everyone. My main concern was to catch the high level of coproduction during the two days. Sorry if you do not find yourself on any picture. We have tried to legend a few pictures. Do not hesitate to contact me if Valérie made any mistake.

Something else: there is a major development on Collectivity: we have now a community page. We are very excited with this new feature. History will tell that the first ever community on Collectivity was the PBF CoP! Feel free to join it. 

We expect more communities to come on Collectivity soon. Who knows, maybe yours?