Community health interventions
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03/02 - 31/12/2020
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The community health community of practice (CH-CoP) is now well in place and one can read about its progress and plan in our Year-1 report. Last year, together, we developed a Community Health System framework  to situate community health in the overall health system delivery and social landscape. The framework highlighted the importance to pay much more attention on all the actors and processes situated on the left side of the framework. For this year, we invite you to help us to develop a typology of community health interventions. Among others, this typology will help us to put some order within the multitude of projects, approaches, programs with a community health component. This work will help countries to identify different choices possible under community health.


As a member of the working group, you will be expected to develop a typology to classify various approaches and programs under community health. This will include, among others, the identification of possible different actors of community health landscape, theories of change and operational linkages between actors and various outcomes at community, health system or population level. Among other tasks, you will have to: 

  • Participate to an evidence synthesis of existing frameworks and operational definitions used as part of community health programs.
  • Through a consultative process, identify the list of key variables, which allows to distinguish types of community health interventions and their respective theories of change.
  • llustrate the types of interventions with documented experiences. It will include successes, challenges and existing options.
  • Use this process for contextualizing and refining the CH framework.
  • Participation in face-to face consultative meetings (if funding allows).
  • Co-produce a document, which can be shared with networks, collaborators at global and country levels for discussion and validation.
  • Authorship in the related peer reviewed publication, blogposts and policy briefs from the findings.


All the members of the Community Health CoP can apply to this project. Previous experience with conducting evidence synthesis and review will be an asset. We will pay attention to have a working group representative of the diversified composition of the CoP.

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