Building the Next Generation of Global Citizens
Proposal to engage young people toward quality education
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01/02 - 30/04/2018
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In September 2015, all 193 members of the UN General Assembly came together to sign the Sustainable Development Goals, signaling their commitment to tackle major issues like climate change, inequality, and extreme poverty by 2030. While the development of these Global Goals was a highly collaborative project, engaging millions of young people around the world, much of that momentum has now dissipated and the early promise of technology and connectivity was not adequately leveraged. Misk Grand Challenges has identified this gap and is now seeking projects that will positively engage young people (under the age of 30) in efforts to reduce inequality related to the Global Goals, thus fostering global citizenship at scale and in depth.

We intend to develop a proposal to submit to the Misk Grand Challenges. Our project will seek to address Goal 4 (Quality Education) by engaging young people in evaluating and encouraging the quality and inclusivity of worldwide tertiary education. We will come up with key indicators, devise methods to collect and interpret relevant data, and show how our proposed concept can ultimately achieve the desired scale and depth. The initial output will be a two-page proposal submitted by the end of April.


Because this proposal is still in its flexible initial stages, we are looking forward to creative and innovative perspectives and there is significant room for input. As a member of this project, you will:

  • Share your own knowledge and experiences in tertiary education, as well as those of your peers
  • Brainstorm on our early ideas (which will be presented to you in a webinar in February)
  • Co-author the ultimate proposal (by the end of April)

If the proposal is successful, we look forward to continued engagement in the implementation phase. Collaboration will be facilitated online, and interaction will be in English.


This project is open to anyone under the age of 30 who is passionate about improving the quality and inclusivity of worldwide tertiary education. Current students or those with close connections to student associations or academic institutions for potential testing and implementation are particularly encouraged to apply. We are explicitly seeking a diverse group to capture a variety of cultural, national, gender, and other perspectives.

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