Governance for Strategic Purchasing
Explore and identify how governance arrangements can support purchasers of health services to move towards more strategic purchasing
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This thematic group is part of the larger collaborative learning initiative on strategic purchasing. This initiative is jointly led by the WHO, ITM and the FAHS and PBF Communities of Practice. Governance for strategic purchasing has been identified as a priority for further collective learning by the members involved in the project on the development of a rapid assessment guide for strategic purchasing which was implemented during 2018 on the Collectivity platform. 

Governance is an overarching health systems function which according to WHO's framework for action for strengthening health systems is about “ensuring strategic policy frameworks exist and are combined with effective oversight, coalition-building, regulation, attention to system-design and accountability”. It equally applies to specific health system components as well as aspects of health financing. Yet, governance of the purchasing of health services has received little attention in either research or policy practice, despite its importance.

The project will be composed of a series of webinars planned throughout 2019. Each webinar will highlight topics that align to key aspects of the governance framework for strategic purchasing, which is currently being finalised by WHO and which has already been presented in a skills building workshop on governance for strategic purchasing at the HSR Symposium in Liverpool. 

Webinars will aim at illustrating these aspects with specific country cases based on your experiences and with your contributions.

Sub-topics for each webinar as well as methods and products for synthesizing learnings across the series of webinars will be discussed in the first session which will take place on 12 February 2019 at 2pm CET.


Participants to this project have no deliverable to produce. They are expected to actively participate to the series of webinars. The discussions will be aligned with the framework for assessing governance arrangements for purchasing which is currently under development by WHO. Sessions will facilitate collective learning through exchanging experiences from different countries and through synthesizing learnings across the series of webinars.


This group is open to policy makers, practioners, experts and researchers interested in strategic purchasing and governance in the health sector. We look for country teams as well as individuals working on purchasing or employed in purchasing agencies that are interested in sharing their experiences related to specific governane arrangements in their country. The group will be facilitated by Danielle Bloom and Aurélie Klein.

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Commencé par: Aurelie Klein.