mHealth for NCD prevention and control in LMIC
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18/12/2017 - 19/01/2018
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Josefien van Olmen (ITM), Bruno Meessen (ITM), Karen Yeates (Queen’s University) and other colleagues are preparing a paper on mhealth for Non Communicable Diseases in LMIC, and what are the priorities for implementation and scale-up. In the paper, we will present an overview of the field in which mhealth has been applied in LMIC, discuss the challenges in implementation these mhealth solutions and the potential of bringing such innovations to larger scale.

The paper will be largely based on views from people in the field. We have already identified a number of research projects for diabetes and hypertension with an mhealth component, but we would like to include more (for instance apps to improve self-management, messages for health promotion and appointment reminders, guidelines for training doctors, diagnostic tools, managing drugs supplies, sending statistics on NCD, etc). We are especially interested in the experiences that people had when confronted with mhealth. You can have experience as the one who started the project, but also as a user of the mhealth solution, as a health provider who was confronted with people who received messages, as a program manager who had to integrate the mhealth into existing information structures or to negotiate with the telephone providers or as a policy maker who had to allow the innovation to take place.


If you are the developer/user/researcher of the mobile phone application for noncommunicable diseases management, or a health system manager or leader who came into contact with a mhealth solution, feel free to describe your experiences shortly. Can be positive and negative experiences. Ideally, you should also provide us with some references (publications or at least the weblink to the application). We may later contact you to have more information on your experience (challenges in implementation and strategies to address these, , partners involved). The more info we get from you, the easier it will be for us to present your solution.


Any person who got experience with mobile health for noncommunicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries.


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