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Belgium & Netherlands & Slovenia
janvier 2019
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SCUBY Community of Practice

Created by: Valérie Dossogne


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A propos de cette communauté

The “SCale-Up diaBetes and hYpertension Care” Community of Practice aims at gathering practitioners, policy makers, researchers, program implementers and other experts actively involved in the technical or policy development and scale-up of integrated care package for diabetes and/or hypertension. The immediate target collaborators are people working in Cambodia, Slovenia and Belgium and we will expand access and networking to people working in similar contexts. It offers a space and a network to share experience with people in other geographical areas facing similar challenges; access to global knowledge; opportunities for learning, exchanging and debating; constant information on new theoretical, operational or empirical developments in this domain of knowledge. The CoP is facilitated by the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, in close collaboration with the dissemination and communication team of the SCUBY project.
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