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FYI: Course on measuring health outcomes in field surveys

Dear all,

I wanted to pass along some information on a free course that my organization, J-PAL, will be running on Measuring Health Outcomes in Field Surveys. The eight-week course begins on October 1 (although you can register later) and covers key concepts related to conducting health research in the field. It might be of interest for those looking to further their experience with measurement, survey design, and data collection or act as a refresher course for those who are already familiar with these concepts. You can find a short description of the course below along with a more detailed informational pdf attached. Please feel free to share this with any contacts that you think may be interested.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me or my colleague Sarah Gault at sgault@povertyactionlab.org for more information.

Thanks very much.

All the best,


J-PAL 350x: Measuring Health Outcomes in Field Surveys starts October 1
Travel with the team to India and Kenya in this free online course to see first-hand how rigorous health research is conducted in the field. The eight-week course focuses on the fundamentals of field-based health research, as well as common challenges and constraints in implementing health surveys. J-PAL 350x showcases real world examples from research in the field, combined with exercises to provide practical insights on study design, measurement, and data collection. Learn more and register here>>

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