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Mon intérêt c'est la santé publique et les questions de financements de la santé. J'ai séjourné dans plusieurs pays d'Afrique de l'Ouest et du Centre ainsi que la région des grands lacs

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DEA Santé Publique
Université Paris VI
August 1997 to December 1998
Paris, France

Doctorat Médecine Générale
Ecole Nationale de Médecine et de Pharmacie
October 1983 to December 1990
Bamako, Mali


Technical Cooperation Expert – Enabel Niamey, Niger
November 2017 to September 2019
Niamey, Niger
The program PASS aims to reinforce the capacity of the Ministry of Health and to improve access in quality of health care in Niger specifically in two health districts: Gaya and Gotheye. My focus is to promote the mechanism of health financing in particularly Performance based financing and universal health insurance scheme.

Short term Consultancy Ministry of Health and European Union, Burkina Faso
Europe LTD/European Union/MOH Burkina Faso
January 2017 to September 2017
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
I did two short term consultancies for about 70 working days. (i) Burkina Faso realized the mid-term evaluation of its "PNDS" National Health Development Plan. The purpose of this consultation is to frame the appropriation and implementation of the reforms introduced by this evaluation. The consultant was therefore required to: (i) facilitate technical workshops, (ii) organize an advocacy conference with all stakeholders included Government, Civil Society, Private sector, and donors (iii) develop terms of reference for the Management of the revised PNDS in link with the Presidential one. (ii)Government of Burkina Faso has decided to set up 14 planning sectors. Each planning sector shall develop a sectoral policy in link with the PDES. I was in charge to support the health planning sector to develop its sectoral policy. In addition to the Ministry of Health, this sector included Ministry of solidarity and Ministry of agriculture specificaly nutrition issue.

Technical Assistant finance sector Ministry of Health Burundi Amagara Meza project
AEDES / Eurpean Union / MOH Burundi
January 2012 to August 2015
Bujumbura, Burundi
Amagara Meza project aims to strengthen the health system particularly for 8 provinces, 19 health districts and national level - It is a project of 26.5 million euros for 4 years. In particular, (i) I support the implementation of a national health development plan (PNDS), (ii)strengthen the implementation of the financing based on performance and health insurance mechanism toward Universal Health Coverage, (iii) reinforce the institutional capacity of national and subnational level including pharmaceutical system . I also supported Provinces and Health Districts in the context of the preparation and implementation of annual working plan, etc ... Keys achievements are: (i) health financing plan toward Universal Health Coverage, I coordinated the donors working groups (ii) National Management Guidelines, (ii), National manual of Inspection, (iii) several programmatic plans adopted: immunization funded by Gavi, Fight against malaria, Member of the Consultative Group of Government, Donors and Civil Society, I participated in bof Health and Social Protection consultative group. I received a Certificate of Recognition from the Ministry of Health of Burundi.

Chief of Party USAID funded community health /Keneya Ciwara Project
November 2008 to December 2011
Bamako, Mali
Keneya Ciwara focused on essential household health practices, to improve access to High Impact Health services which include fight against malaria, nutrition diarrhea, family planning, water purification (using aquattabs drug of purification), sanitation, antenatal care, etc. As civil society project Keneya Ciwara provided technical assistance to Community health Associations and local NGO partners particularly with a governance approach. The project develops various strategies at the household level for the promotion of hygiene and sanitation. As COP, I was in charge of the overall supervision of the project and as such, ensure that effective systems for supporting all aspects of the project- including grant management, financial monitoring and evaluation and performance - are in place. I provide and supervise the provision of appropriate technical assistance to the project team to develop and implement an integrated approach for improving service provision at circle and community levels for quality of health services, and for increasing demand for quality services. I am responsible for providing semester and annual reports to USAID (donor). I was the head of CARE Health program in Mali. Under my leadership we added two new projects: (i) operation research on family planning unmet need in partnership with IRH, and (ii) mother and neonatal issues funding by the Google foundation via CARE USA.

Technical Assistant and Fund Manager of Health Services Program, Eastern and North Kivu
AEDES/European Union / MOH DRC
August 2007 to August 2008
Goma, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
The EDF Health Program in the DRC has two objectives: Strengthening the health system - Improving people's access to health services through the establishment of a Fund For Health Provision including medical supplies, medicines and cash transfer, under Performance based program, to health centers/hospitals in the two Provinces. I specifically work with medicine providers at provincial level to ensure availability and good quality of medicines at health center and hospital. As Technical AssistantI was in charge of providing TA to the Province health system and to providers managing essential drug procurement. As Manager I was responsible for health care subsidies to people in public and community health centers and at the hospital level. I managed 18 million euros under this position.

 Health Program Manager, Eastern Province (DRC)
AEDES/European Union / MOH DRC
February 2007 to July 2007
Bunia, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
The objectives are the same as above. As Manager, I was responsible for the Program in the Eastern Province covering 5 health districts and 49 health zones. In a difficult security situation after civil war in DRC, I coordinated for the EU the rehabilitation of the health care system, this included: building health centers, equipping them, providing water purification systems and sanitation systems, and training medical doctors, nurses and midwife staff, control malaria and HIV-aids program etc… The program used Performance based finance strategic to reorganize and improve the capacity of the health system managers.

Executive Director of Mali Health Mutual Organization (UTM)
February 1998 to August 2006
Bamako, Mali
UTM has been created by Malian and French governments funded project. The Malian health insurance project was the first biggest health insurance project in west and central Africa. The project was intended to develop voluntary health insurance scheme through Mali. As the first Executive Director, I was responsible to design and implement the project. The keys achievements were: (i) development of a platform of voluntary health insurance management, this platform manage “Assurance Maladie Volontaire AMV” in several cities in Mali. This initiative has been the first voluntary scheme at national level in West and Central Africa. Our team support several countries included Burkina Faso, (ii) development of community health insurance in several health districts trough Mali, (iii) development of specific software adapted in health insurance management, (iii) development of secure card member, (iv)development of network of health facilities partners which signed engagement of quality of health care improvement… During this more than 9 years activities I represent UTM at Government level, donors and civil society organisation. Consultative Group of Government, Donors and Civil Society, I participated in bof Health and Social Protection consultative group. Through the health National Plan (PRODESS) UTM received fund from World Bank, Netherland, Belgium, Canada… In Africa UTM is fonder member of “la Concertation des Mutuelles de santé en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre”.

Public Health Officer of a GIE (NGO) “Santé pour Tous”
GIE Santé pour Tous
February 1995 to August 1997
Bamako, Mali
The “GIE Sante pour Tous” is a structure set up by the Community Health Associations (ASACos) and NGO stakeholders in the health sector for two main purposes: • Ensure importation and distribution of essentials generics drugs for the benefit of its members • Provide technical assistance for the creation, monitoring and support of ASACos / CSComs and supporting MD in rural aera. With funding from the French Cooperation, the European Union / NGO Sante Sud, JICA, UNICEF, the Support Unit intervened in partnership with district management teams (CSRef) • Conducting feasibility studies, • Recruitment of staff CSComs • Training of staff on CSComs the minimum package of activities and management CSComs • Training of administrators ASACos Management and Governance ASACO / CSCom • Monitoring / supervision of the activities of ASACos / CSComs • Evaluation of ASACos / CSComs • Participation in the development of the national commission of national policy and program

Medical Director, Practicien
January 1992 to January 1995
Bamako, Mali
Community Health Center: ASACONIA is a community health center that provides maternal and child health care to one of the most disadvantaged districts of Bamako. I launched the CSCOM and made it one of the best Community Health Centers in Bamako. It became the most visited health center and a model. The CSCOM had both clinical and promotional activities. As Director I was a board member, and attended all meetings to help Community health Association Members’ to build capacity for good governance in health: respect of Constitution, organization of general assembly meetings, presentation of technical and financial reports, and organization of votes when needed.


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