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I started my career as health economist at MSF. Then I moved to the ITM. My field of expertise is health financing and health sector reform. My main asset is probably my creativity, it may be also my main weakness (as a kid, I was not good at finishing my art works, I always preferred starting a new one). I have tried to be more persevering with Performance Based Financing. In order to accompany the global scale-up of this new strategy, I had to reinvent myself. I discovered knowledge management and communities of practice. Collectivity is the most ambitious project I have ever led.

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PhD in Economics
Université Catholique de Louvain
October 2003 to May 2009
Title: An institutional economic analysis of public health care organisations in low-income countries http://dial.academielouvain.be/handle/boreal:22763?site_name=UCL

Licence & Maitrise en Sciences Economiques
Université Catholique de Louvain
September 1989 to September 1992
Microéconomie, macroéconomie, économie du développement, finances publiques, économétrie...

Candidature en Sciences Economiques & Sociales
Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur
September 1987 to June 1989
Introduction aux Sciences Economiques, Mathématiques, Statistiques, Sociologie, Psychologie, Droit des Sociétés et des Contrats, Comptabilité, Philosophie, Histoire des Théories Economiques...


Professor of Health Economics
Institute of Tropical Medicine
March 2013 to January 2019
Antwerp, Belgium
Professor of Health Economics at the Public Health Department. Major fields of interests: health care financing & health sector reform; knowledge management and communities of practice; innovation.

Research Assistant
Institute of Tropical Medicine
August 1999 to February 2013
Assistant at the Public Health Department. I was in charge of several courses of our MPH (Health Care Financing, Introduction to Economics,...). Most of my time went to research. Main countries of interventions were Rwanda, Burundi, Cambodia, China, and Laos.

Economiste de la Santé
Médecins Sans Frontières
September 1996 to June 1999
After Chad, I moved to MSF-B 'headquarter' in Brussels. As the health economist of the medical department, my job was to accompany projects with a health economics component. This allowed me to work in countries such as Angola, Cambodia, China (Tibet), DRC, Ethiopia and Yémen.

Health economist
Médecins Sans Frontières
July 1994 to July 1996
My first job as health economist. My discovery of Africa. The best school I could have dreamed of. I was in charge of the Prefectoral Pharmacy of Mayo-Kebbi and supporting facilities of 5 health districts for their health care financing (i.e. cost recovery) and resource management.

Finance officer & Head of Mission
Médecins Sans Frontières
July 1993 to May 1994
My first mission as a young MSF staff. First, as the finance officer; later, as head of mission. The intervention was a medical and 'watsan' response to a cholera outbreak. A great experience with great people. I also learned to buy water pumps, drink vodka and voice my anger to the local KGB.


You can find my publications on Research Gate
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