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Important Things To keep In Mind While Writing In 2021


When the first draft of your college essay is done, let someone read it with Constructive Criticism that can improve it. Do not let family, friends, etc. do this as they may say it’s fantastic, and it’s not. Be willing to accept good criticism and go from there.

Additionally, do not risk your career if you aren’t good at writing college essays. You can order a custom college essay from online essay writing service. Construct your own essay based on the custom essay authored by a professional writer.


 Some applicants come to me with essays that don’t tell the reader anything about them. It’s a good starting place to determine which quality or qualities you’d like admission officers to know about you when they read your essay and plan your topic from there.

Watch your grammar! This is, in my humble opinion, the biggest pothole of them all to watch out for. And I don’t just mean being careful about your punctuation and spelling. No one expects a high school student to be on the level of a published author, but there are a few pet peeves that you have to avoid.

 Avoid present participle phrases at all costs. They always sound weird.Example of a present participle phrase: Having washed his hair, Jack was finished with his shower

 There is a difference between the uses for which and that, and the one you go with can spell the difference between whether your sentences feel strange or just right.


My advice is to hire a professional who will see you through this process. Take advantage of their expertise when selling the stories, you wish to share. It will make a huge difference to your candidacy.


Expertise are the different fields where an expert excels.


Interests are where experts would like to focus their attention on Collectivity and try new fields.