About Sune Greeff

I am currently living in rural Eastern Cape, South Africa working as a Speech Therapist. I completed by community service practical year in 2020 and have been permanently appointed at St Elizabeth Regional Hospital as the first resident Speech Therapist in 10 years! My passion lies in creating a better quality improved healthcare access to under-resourced communities and creating fair and culturally sensitive management protocols that will encourage treatment adherence and awareness amongst communities. My goal is to create a system that is supportive and unique to a community's needs versus applying universal models designed by unfamiliar parties. My role is to enable access to communication, and thus I get to know patients on a much deeper level than most, developing acute awareness and insight into the individual. But in my time in Eastern Cape, I have found that its the systems that are supposedly supporting the individual that is often the cause of their incapacity. I want to understand how we got here and how we can move forward.


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