About Michael Matthew Amara

PhD in Healthcare Financing. PBF trained expert by SINA. Principal Health Economist; Roles: (1) Manager, Health Care Financing Unit, in the Directorate of Policy, Planning and Information. (2) Performance-Based Financing Specialist, coordinating PBF programme in Sierra Leone. (3) Coordinate annual planning, budgeting and review process, with special responsibility for conducting economic analysis of the various programs being proposed. (4) Coordinate National Health Accounts (NHA) Surveys. (5) Assists in the development and establishment of the long-term strategic direction of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. (6) Support the Human Resources development efforts of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation by participating in the relevant training of various categories of staff. (7) Participate in the decision making process of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation by attending regular meetings of the Top Management Team (TMT) and any other statutory bodies. (8) Conduct regular consultations at all levels of the Health Care delivery system with headquarter staff, Directors, District Medical Officers and other District Health Management Team members on the economic aspects of management of the Health services with a view to improving their overall performance. (9) Review and update the National Health financing policy in close collaboration with all relevant colleagues, especially those from the Directorate of Policy, Planning and information, Directorate of Financial Resources and Directorate of Primary Health Care. (10) In consultation with the relevant staff to review and update the essential Drugs Cost – Recovery system. (11) Review the activities and programs of other contributors to the Health Care delivery system (e.g. NGOs and UN agencies) to ensure their economic compatibility with the overall goal of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and Government of Sierra Leone. (12) Assist in monitoring the disbursement of funds for various activities.


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PhD in Health Financing
Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone
June 2007 to July 2011
Freetown, Sierra Leone