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biography I have a degree in business administration with a focus on management of health institutions. After 4 years in an advisory role in hospitals in the Netherlands I took up an advisory function in mission hospitals in East Africa. This was the beginning of a career of over 30 years with technical, advisory and management positions in a range of Dutch NGOs, including Memisa/Cordaid (promoting health systems in structural environments), Healthnet TPO (rebuilding health systems in post conflict/disaster environments, ETC Crystal (consultancy services in a range of public health settings, with a clear focus on health financing), Rutgers (knowledge centre in SRHR) and again Cordaid (senior expert health systems (strong focus on RBF/SRHR) and strategist. Experience with RBF My expertise in RBF is fairly all round and covers different types of consultancy services to RBF programmes in various stages and orientations and in different countries and for different agencies. In brief it involves activities in Lesotho (RBF in primary and secondary care), South Africa (RBF in TB control in gold mining industry, Zimbabwe (RBF in primary and secondary care; voucher programme targeting urban poor, Zambia (RBF in primary care), Malawi (RBF targeting home care by CBOs), Uganda (RBF in primary and secondary care), the Gambia (RBF in primary and secondary care combined with individual conditional cash transfers and community contracting), Sierra Leone (RBF in education, primary and lower secondary), South Sudan (introductory training), Haiti (feasibility study), Indonesia feasibility study to apply RBF in addressing stunting). Since I started with Cordaid I have been involved in RBF interventions in DRC (conditional cash transfers to promote birth spacing), Burundi (amplifying focus on maternal health and family planning), CAR (RBF in primary and secondary care) and Uganda (preparing for RBF training to staff of twenty districts in a first phase of a national scheme).

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