About Christabel Kambala

I am a senior lecturer in the department of Environmental Health, at the University of Malawi-The Polytechnic. I have over ten years professional experience in Public Health and have worked in diversified areas and roles. Particularly I have a unique combination of knowledge and skills in water and sanitation, hygiene education and sanitation promotion, nutrition promotion and maternal and newborn health. I have organized, managed and participated in both small and large teams in a number of projects as follows: 1) Action Against Hunger as a Health Education manager in nutrition programs in two districts of central region of Malawi; 2) Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR) as Hygiene Education and Sanitation Promotion Officer in one district of northern region of Malawi; 3) Researcher, Scotland Chikhwawa Health Initiative – a Safe Motherhood Project, implemented to improve the quality of maternal health services and strengthening skilled delivery at health facilities; 4) Researcher, worked with a team that assessed the feasibility of cleaning a highly polluted river in the commercial city of Malawi (Blantyre). The team further assessed the biological, physical and chemical pollutants in the river; 5) Researcher, worked in a team that investigated the causes of persistent seasonal cholera outbreaks in a peri-urban area of Blantyre City (Bangwe), Malawi; 6) Researcher, assessed the knowledge levels regarding HIV and AIDS among first year students before developing health promotion activities with the students; 7) Researcher, worked under a collaborative research project between College of Medicine, Malawi and Heidelberg University, Germany in assessing the impact of using Performance Based Financing (PBF) incentives to improve the quality of obstetric and newborn care in Malawi.

Full Professional Proficiency
Full Professional Proficiency

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PhD Public Health
Heidelberg University, Germany
January 2013 to June 2016
Heidelberg, Germany

Master of Public Health
University of Glasgow, Scotland.
September 2006 to August 2007
Glasgow, United Kingdom