About Rena Eichler

I'm an economist that has been working on initiatives that link payment to results for close to 2 decades. I've worked on performance based aid (from external funder), performance based transfers from national to local levels of government, performance based financing to and within NGOs and to public service providers. I've also worked on demand side performance payments. For USAID, I wrote a paper on how to incorporate family planning into RBF initiatives in ways that preserve voluntary choice that has become a reference document for USAID in the field. I've authored a book on performance based incentives with Ruth Levine of the Center for Global Development. I continue to provide technical support to country governments, philanthropists, and international NGOs on RBF. The opportunity to engage with a global group of RBF experts on how to price FP services in RBF initiatives and how to ensure that quality is rewarded is exciting and one that I believe will contribute to the global agenda.

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PhD Economics
Boston University
Boston, MA, United States