About Majda Mori Lukančič

Majda Mori Lukancic RN, BSc is a professor of health education and educates patients with diabetes in Community Health Center Ljubljana since 1995. She is a mentor to students of dietetics and other educators of patients with diabetes in Slovenia. She is a co-founder of specialist department for diabetes at Community Health Center Ljubljana and drove development of the program for digital register of patients with diabetes. Her thesis in 1999 included development and research of Didactic game for patients with diabetes and was later expanded for other topics about health and lifestyle. Didactic game has been published online. In field of general health education she created a health education form, which is used to track progress of health education in Slovenia. Majda has lead various workshops with topics about healthy food, health risk factors and weight loss. She was leading and organizing workshops for health education experts in Slovenia and is expert editor of health education magazine Vita for more than 26 years. In 1994 she was a head nurse at University Medical Centre Ljubljana for Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases and in 2019 is an external consultant to Expert project MoST work-group at Slovenian Ministry of Health.


Expertise are the different fields where an expert excels.


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BSc study to professor of health education
Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana
October 1995 to June 1999
Ljubljana, Slovenia


External consultant
Ministry of Health Slovenia
June 2018 to Present
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Project MoST (Model skupnostnega pristopa za krepitev zdravja in zmanjševanja neenakosti v zdravju v lokalnih skupnostih)

Community Health Centre Ljubljana
September 2019 to Present
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Working on SCUBY project

Expert editor of magazine Vita
Press agency Morel
December 1995 to Present
Ljubljana, Slovenia