About Tamara Goldschmidt

A bridge between health and technology. Passionate about the design and implementation of innovation for global. Throughout my career working in international development and implementing technology for public health, I have gained experience in aligning multiple stakeholders, building partnerships, and working in cross-cultural settings. Currently, I am a project manager at BlueSquare, implementing technology to improve the efficiency, quality of data, and accountability of results-based financing programs in Africa. One of my focuses is improving the collection and use of quality of care data to not only support the management of the RBF programs, but to contribute to the use of the data for health systems decision-making at every level of the health pyramid.

Full Professional Proficiency
Full Professional Proficiency

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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
July 2015 to May 2016


Project Manager
November 2016 to Present
- Implementing technology for RBF programs with the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe and Cameroon. - Focussing on the improvement of the Quality of Care assessment tools - Performing stakeholder analysis - Developing strategic partnerships - Developed the M&E strategy to measure the technology's contribution to RBF programs in LMICs.

MedHacks Co-founder/ Research Assistant
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
July 2015 to August 2016
- Co-founded and organized the first MedHacks, a Johns Hopkins health hackathon, attended by over 300 students and professionals with backgrounds in health, engineering, design, and business. The event required gaining university-wide support and collaboration from independent schools and departments. One patent was filed and 4 of the teams are moving forward with their solutions. - Performed cost assessment research on mHealth for frontline health workers for the Gates Foundation, provided recommendations for investment in cost-effectiveness research for scaling interventions. - Co-authored the report, “Mobile Technology in Support of Frontline Health Workers: A comprehensive overview of the landscape, knowledge gaps, and future directions” for the Gates Foundation.

Implementation Program Manager
Mana Health
January 2014 to December 2014
New York
- Developed the implementation and client management processes for the Mana Health Patient Portal for Health Information Exchange (HIE) clients and provider networks covering over 22,000,000 patients. - Provided strategic consultation to HIE executives on change management and marketing strategies when rolling out digital health programs. Patient registration increased by 100%. - Worked with the internal product development and business development teams to design and manage feedback systems to streamline market research and client input into the product development cycle, as well as sales and fundraising. - Worked with clients, vendors, and internal team members to develop new workflows and solutions to emerging problems. - Led project evaluations and retrospectives to determine best practices, and incorporate the best practices into the implementation processes.

CEO/ Co-Founder
Terra Bean Coffee
August 2012 to October 2013
New York
- Created a platform to provide small-scale coffee farmers with direct market access by facilitating direct trade relationships between coffee farmers internationally and roasters in the United States, and bridging the information divide between the two groups by establishing a forum for transparent communication and information sharing. - Formed a global network of partnerships and advisors with expertise in the coffee, technology, logistics, and marketing industries that served as advisors and contributed technical expertise and resources. - Organized a series of virtual events that provided farmers and roasters to connect directly, remotely, and contribute to the knowledge sharing and capacity building. - The pilot connected 14 farms in Costa Rica with 60 roasters in the U.S. and coordinated supply chain logistics to import the coffee. - Employed a lean methodology and design-thinking approach to product development and evaluating social impact assumptions, iterating product and implementation strategy based on findings. - Provided program implementation consulting services and field support to BUSECO, a coffee importer, for a co-developed community-based program to decrease the dropout rate of girls in the elementary school in Kellensoo, Ethiopia, and provide reproductive health education.

Project Manager/ Implementation Consultant
October 2010 to August 2012
- Led and managed 6-8 person teams at 5 hospital systems through the large-scale implementation of Epic’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), which included workflow design and validation, build, testing, training end-users, deployment, and optimization phases. - Worked with clients to analyze current processes, identify needs, and develop workflows incorporating best-practices recommendations. - Developed project plans and managed scope, timelines, budgets, reporting, and task completion on simultaneous EMR projects, as well as enterprise-wide training and testing programs. - Developed the vendor management and risk mitigation strategies for hospital leadership during a hospital lab reorganization with potentially critical impact on project timelines, which resulted in project completion without delays. - Spearheaded the development of turnkey implementation solutions for critical access hospitals. - Coordinated research and development, technical services, quality assurance, and implementation to ensure the delivery of new development projects to the customer