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Even though discarded printer cartridges may only have a trace amount of leftover toner in them, it is still feasible for the toner that is contained inside such cartridges to be reused in some form or another. Instead, Canon has started recycling it into a pelletized asphalt colorant and binding agent. This process took some time. Until recently, this procedure could not be completed. The Canon Environmental Technologies Factory in Gloucester County, Virginia, is the company's most extensive recycling center for toner cartridges. Canon G2010 Driver and then they are automatically disassembled as a part of the recycled toner pellet project that the firm is working on. After this stage, the solid components of the plastic are melted down and turned into pellets. After that, these pellets are included in the production of brand new cartridges. On the other hand, bits of metal that need to be recycled are distributed among a number of different commercial partners. Toner that has been recovered and then pelletized for reuse results in the production of a byproduct known as recycled toner pellets. These pellets are known as "Recycled Toner Pellets," and that is their name (RTPs). Basic Construction Firm, a firm based in Virginia that is a partner on the project, is currently using them as both a colorant and a binding agent in the asphalt that the company manufactures. Basic Construction Firm is headquartered in the state of Virginia. Considering that toner is mostly made up of finely powdered plastic, carbon powder, and silica, using the pellets in this way makes a lot of sense. The asphalt produced by Basic Building is now being used in projects such as the construction of local streets, and the Virginia Department of Transportation has only just issued its clearance for the use of the pellet


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