About Clarisse Uzamukunda

Clarisse Uzamukunda is a PBF Expert with hands-on technique in designing, implementing and monitoring PBF and Health System Strengthening Programs. Her overall expertise includes program coordination, budgeting and costing, development of quantitative and qualitative measurement indicators and capacity building of national counterparts. In her home country, Rwanda, she worked for the World Bank, supporting monitoring and evaluation of the Community PBF. She developed appropriate M& E tools to support the grant management and disbursement of PBF to health facilities and Community Health Workers Cooperatives. She also was actively involved in designing and implementing PBF programs in Liberia and Mozambique where she coordinated the overall PBF program design activities, and provided technical assistance to improve quality of care. Clarisse is currently based in Lesotho, working for the Performance Purchasing Agency that provides technical assistance and capacity building to the Lesotho Government to implement the national PBF Program.


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Master of Art in Economic Development
Brandeis University
August 2008 to September 2010
Major in: Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Design, Planning, Budgeting and Costing, Health Policy.

Bachelor of Science in Management
Kigali Independent University
June 2003 to July 2007
Major Courses: Financial Management, Project Management, Budget Forecast


Certificate in Performance Based Financing
Sina Health
April 2011 to May 2011
Theories on Result Based and Performance Based Financing, Health Economics, Budget and Costing, Health Financing

Certificate in Internal Audit
Maastricht University, School of Banking and Finance
April 2007 to July 2007
Areas of focus: Internal Audit, Health Project Audit


PBF Expert
Health Net
May 2015 to Present
As the Performance Based Financing Expert, I work under the Planning and Statistics Department, responsible for planning and coordinating all activities related implementation of a Performance Based Financing (PBF) Program in 6 districts with emphasis on: - Grant Management and program management rules and regulations - Capacity building of implementers through training and technical support to enhance program effectiveness - Data processing and analysis in collaboration with the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team - Program Planning, budgeting and Reporting, Procurement and Contract Management - Developing job profiles and detailed job descriptions for the program personnel; Selection and Recruitment, Performance Appraisals - Providing technical support in decentralization policy and capacity building - Liaise with relevant stakeholders, plan and coordinate National Steering Committee meetings - Report and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned on the Lesotho Performance Program to relevant stakeholders

PBF Specialist
Elizabeth Glazer Foundation
January 2013 to March 2015
- Developed the performance indicators and targets and participated into the agreement negotiations between EGPAF and the sub-recipient, - Participated in costing the HSS Program operational plan - Coordinated joint donors and Government on-site assessment to monitor status of implementation and informed the devised strategies to improve the program, - Periodically collected and analyzed data on core indicators and informed EGPAF Senior Management, donors and the Government on the program performance including challenges and lesson learnt, - Produced on time quality progress up-date reports to donors and the Government, - Drafted the Project Implementation Manual (PIM) - Provided technical assistance to provincial implementing authorities in M&E and reporting for results. - Established and maintained strong working relationships with the Government and other implementing partners to enhance program effectiveness and strategic partnership.

Performance Based Financing Consultant
The World Bank
July 2011 to December 2012
- Coordinated overall PBF program design activities in collaboration with members of the MOH Program Management Unit, - Collaborated with the MOH and the WB technical teams to deliver the work plan for the PBF pre-pilot project, - Drafted the Project Implementation Manual (programmatic and operational) in close collaboration with the MOH and the World Bank team, - Managed PBF pre-pilot inception activities including: (i) project implementation design and indicators development, (ii) development of local hospital capacity evaluation tool, (iii) development of PBF implementation tools, - Conducted meetings with MOH decision makers to finalize package of services and indicators rating - Developed the monitoring and evaluation tools for data collection and effective performance management during the pre-pilot stage - Assessed existing Health Management Information System (HMIS) for suitability to support PBF data collection and payment, and effective performance management - Supported calculation of initial project costing

Community PBF Consultant
The World Bank
June 2010 to June 2011
- Mentored the Community Health Desk (CHD) team at the MOH on planning and budgeting for the Community PBF Program. - Developed M&E tools to support the CHD team and Community Health District Supervisors to strengthen data collection, reporting systems, and grant management. - Developed appropriate tools to support data entries and collection using the Health Information System Software. - Developed financial tools to support grant management and fund disbursement to health facilities and Community Health Workers cooperative. - Supported the MoH/CHD in designing and implementing the Community Health Workers Rapid Evaluation Study - Participated in the development of the Community Performance Based Financing (C-PBF) implementation manual - Designed the M&E Plan for the country-wide Community PBF program - Conducted field visits to evaluate the progress of the C-PBF program and suggested recommendations to improve implementation - Coordinated districts level activities to harmonize the M&E systems and tools - Supported the design of an annual action plan for the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Unit that included the Community Nutrition and Environmental Desks.