Community mobilizer expert with 10 years of professional experience in local communities’ enhancement, as well as nation-wide civil society leader on social issues such as health promotion, with a focus in fighting back HIV /AIDS, malaria, TB, promotion of voluntary blood donation and palliative care . Has conducted several health projects carried at the community level thus giving birth to several networks hence Cameroon Christian Aid Network (CAMCANET), sponsored by the Pan-Africa Christian Aid Network (PACANET), Cameroon Evangelical Mission Association (CEMA), Cameroon Communities Coalition for Health and Education (CAMCOCHE). The aforementioned advocacy initiatives through the networks mentioned above led to a certified partnership with the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health in general, especially through its diverse programs: the Cameroon National Aids Control Committee, the National Blood Safety Program, the National Committee Program against Malaria, TB, and the National Program against Cancer. About the fight against HIV/AIDS, the creation of Care for the Hopeless Impact Missions in 2010 has enabled CHIMISSIONS to become a major stakeholder of the ARV Community Dispensation in the various main cities across the country, to over 400 HIV infected patients under the patronage of the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health. Currently leading a movement focused on raising thousands of benevolent, faithful blood donors in order to confront the issue of blood scarcity. Has been endorsed by the Cameroon National Aids Control Committee and the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health. Has been selected by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Internal Association of Hospice and Palliative Care as an approved candidate to draft the policy brief of an integrated palliative care services for aged people in the Cameroon health system. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HEALTH SYSTEMS GLOBAL (HSG), TWG-CHW STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBER 2017-Present CAMEROON COMMUNITIES COALI

Professional Working Proficiency
Full Professional Proficiency

Certificate in palliative CARE
Africa Hospice and palliative CARE uganda
May 2018 to June 2018
Kampala , Uganda