About Ochiawunma Ibe

Dr. Ochiawunma Ibe is a dedicated and passionate advocate for vulnerable women and children. A pediatrician with additional graduate qualifications in Public Health and Maternal and Child Health and has over 30 years of diversified medical expertise, from clinical practice to global health programing. I work as the senior Community health Advisor on USAID's Maternal Child Survival program. I have over 15 years’ experience of increasing responsibility in the design, management and implementation of public health and HIV programs and have held senior technical positions in USAID-funded health and HIV programs as well as working for USAID from 2006-2017. I started my global health career in Nigeria with the then Futures Group International (now Palladium), where I worked as Senior Reproductive Health and Child Survival Advisor on the USAID funded Policy Project and subsequently Enabling Environment in the HIV/AIDs and Social Sector (ENHANSE) Project from 2002-2006, providing the Ministries of Health and Gender specialized technical assistance for policy and guidelines development in Child Survival (Malaria, Nutrition), HIV Prevention and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). Areas of technical expertise include HIV/AIDS Care and Support; Nutrition; Maternal, Newborn and Child Health specifically family planning, Malaria control, Immunization; Adolescent health; OVC, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). Ochi has worked for USAID in Nigeria, Namibia and most recently in Liberia where she served as the Senior Community Health Advisor and assisted the Government of Liberia to strengthen Community health systems and deploy a fit-for purpose well trained, supervised and incentivized Community Health workforce.

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Fellowship in Pediatrics -
West African Postgraduate Medical College - Faculty of Pediatrics
August 1992 to April 2000
Lagos, Nigeria
Residency in pediatrics. Focused research on Newborn health looking at the socioeconomic determinants of low birth weight in the largest Maternity unit in Lagos Nigeria.

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery
College of Medicine University of Nigeria
October 1980 to June 1986
Enugu, Nigeria
Bachelor of Medicine of Surgery


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