About Jeannette Afounde

Dr AFOUNDE Jeannette She is a young woman aged 33 years. She is currently serving as head of service of adolescents and youth and Gender at the Ministry of Public Health Cameroon. She is a medical doctor; Dr AFOUNDE was graduated in 2008 from the Faculty of Medicine of Yaoundé. She worked as a general practitioner at the Edéa District Hospital and then as the chief of Délangue Medical Center in Edéa, which she left in 2010 to go to a specialization in Public Health that opened her doors of the Ministry. Passionate and very committed to the cause of young people, Dr. AFOUNDE devoted his whole career to the Adolescents. As a general practitioner, she worked with adolescents living with HIV; she has conducted numerous awareness campaigns. In addition to her public health thesis, she worked on the acceptability of female condoms among young people. Its greatest achievement is that it has succeeded in creating adolescent clinics in health facilities to enable them to benefit services free of charge and to have access to information on their sexual and reproductive health. Combat that continues to this day. Also in charge of gender in the Ministry, she fights every day alongside the Ministry of Women empowerment and the Family for the empowerment of the girl. Mother of 2 children, Dr AFOUNDE Jeannette, is an ambitious woman, who 2 speaks 3 languages (French, English and Italian), she is dynamic, hardworking. She enjoys the challenges and is not afraid to face difficulties.


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Master in Public health
Faculty of medicine and biomedicals sciences
Yaoundé, Cameroon

Doctorat en Médecine
Université de Yaoundé 1
October 2001 to June 2008
Yaoundé, Cameroon


Planning and management of reproductive health programmes
Institute of Tropical Medecine
March 2017 to May 2017
Antwerp, Belgium
Planning and Management of Reproductive Health Programmes is a 10-week course for health professionals and researchers involved in reproductive health programmes, including HIV/AIDS, STI, family planning and maternal and child health in low- and middle-income countries.The course wants to contribute to better prevention and better reproductive health management to: • Assess the importance of a comprehensive range of sexual and reproductive health problems and their main determinants at national and local levels. • Critically appraise alternative intervention strategies in sexual and reproductive health based on evidence and contextual elements • Prioritise and formulate specific intervention strategies related to sexual and reproductive health within the framework of an existing health system and social context • Plan the implementation of those intervention strategies considering the existing health system’s organisation; the actors involved including the beneficiaries, the available resources; human rights and gender aspects • Monitor and evaluate sexual and reproductive health programmes • Communicate and negotiate with actors in an effective way


Chef de service de la santé de l’adolescent et point Focal Genre
Ministère de la santé publique
October 2016 to Present
Organiser, planifier, suivre , coordonner la politique nationale sur la Santé des Adolescents . Se rassurer que l'aspects genre est pris en compte dans la planification et dans la budgétisation des programmes de santé