About Maarten Oranje

I am a health system specialist, with a focus on health financing and the use of data for decision making. Since 2014, I have been working at Cordaid, primarily on the application of performance-based financing (PBF) and strategic purchasing in sub-Saharan Africa. I have provided technical assistance – including design and revision of programmes, training and capacity building – in a range of different countries, including Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Liberia, CAR and DRC. In Ethiopia, I have been closely involved in the piloting and scaling up of PBF since 2016, now being applied in 35 districts with 4.5 million people. Simultaneously, I support the WHO Health Financing team as a long term consultant. In this role, I contribute to several publications on the use of digital technologies for health financing. Besides my work in health systems, I have experience with the application of PBF in primary education. I believe in the use of performance-based mechanisms for both human capital development and the safeguarding of planetary health.

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MA in European Studies
University of Amsterdam
September 2006 to August 2008
Amsterdam, Netherlands

BA in European Studies (Economics)
University of Amsterdam
September 2004 to August 2006
Amsterdam, Netherlands


BA course in Big Data
University of Amsterdam
January 2016 to June 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Expert in Performance Based Financing and Data Use
January 2016 to Present
Den Haag, Netherlands
Providing technical assistance to a range of country-specific programs throughout Africa, varying from innovative pilots to large scale implementation. Programs are all in the field of system strengthening, with a focus on Performance or Results Based Financing and the use of data for decision making. From designing and setting up new programs, and building capacity (through trainings, workshops and presentations at relevant fora), to reviewing and revising existing interventions. Strengthening programs through continuous analysis of operational data, as well as through rigorous contextualization and enhancing local governance (see publication below). I have experience in a range of African countries, in varying roles and responsibilities, and for multiple international donors (including World Bank, EU, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DFID). In Zimbabwe and Liberia, I provide technical assistance to PBF programs funded by the World Bank. Conducting operational data analysis, I generate crucial input for regular revisions of the package of incentivized health services. In Ethiopia, I have been working closely on showcasing the effectiveness of PBF since 2016. Thanks to a successful pilot project, we generated interest at the highest government levels and are now scaling up PBF. Other countries of experience include Sierra Leone, DRC, Central African Republic and Uganda.

Finance Officer Healthcare
September 2014 to December 2015
Den Haag, Netherlands
In this position, I was responsible for the financial supervision of Cordaids healthcare portfolio in Sierra Leone, Ghana and Uganda. I closely monitored project implementation by our local partners, in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and Health System Strengthening (HSS). I provided financial and technical assistance to Performance Based Financing pilots in Uganda and Sierra Leone, with a specific focus on operational data analysis. From the Uganda pilot, we learned that price elasticity for out-patient consultations was low, if not non-existent (see publication below). Activities in Sierra Leone during this period were strongly related to containing the ebola outbreak and helping to reconstruct the understaffed and underfinanced health system.


Dinosaurs could not help it, can we? Big history and planetary health
Authors: Olga García-Moreno, Maarten Oranje, 2022
Type of Doc: Academic Paper | Type of Publication: Academic Journal

Strategic Social Purchasing for Human Capital Development
Authors: Maarten Oranje, 2021
Type of Doc: Report | Type of Publication: Blog/Web Site

RBF in times of COVID-19: A quick reference guide for adaptations
Authors: Maarten Oranje, Jos Dusseljee, Carmen Schakel, 2020
Type of Doc: Other | Type of Publication: Blog/Web Site

Towards a more balanced rethinking of performance-based financing
Authors: Maarten Oranje, 2018
Type of Doc: Article | Type of Publication: Blog/Web Site

Pricing and The Use of Data in RBF: Towards a Higher Return on Investment
Authors: Maarten Oranje, 2017
Type of Doc: Other | Type of Publication: Blog/Web Site