Terms of service

“Collectivity” takes your privacy, confidentiality and the protection of your personal information very seriously. Through this privacy statement, we would like to tell you how we deal with your data and inform you of your rights.

This Privacy Policy applies when you use our Services, either as a member or as a visitor of Collectivity.

Why we collect data

As an online social platform, people use Collectivity to:

  • contribute to Communities of Practice or Collaborative Activities of their choice
  • through participation in discussion and activities, develop their skills and knowledge, and grow in expertise
  • strengthen their network and improve their visibility

To offer its users an optimal experience, Collectivity collects and processes your data, allowing it to:

  • monitor and evaluate the platform’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) statistics
  • facilitate matching between the activities proposed on the platform and users
  • communicate with members (newsletters, individual emails)

Collectivity does not sell your personal information to third parties.

Collectivity will not share your contact details (email address) or its database with any other third party.

Data we collect

Data is collected through registration on the platform and completion of your profile, as well as through automatic monitoring tools.

Data you provide to us

The information provided by you during the account creation or profile completion process is stored in our database. This includes (list is not exhaustive) your name, email address, current occupation and employer, language preferences, domains of expertise and interest, education, etc.

Please note:

  • Beyond the information that is required to register your account (email address and name), there is no obligation to complete your profile.
  • Collectivity does not ask you to provide any “sensitive personal data”. However, if you decide to include such information in your profile, it will be visible to others (members and visitors).
Data collected by automatic processing tools

Collectivity uses tools to monitor activity on the platform.

Collectivity will save a history of your contributions to discussions, activities or communities. This includes the number and content of responses by the public, and the open rate of automatic emails sent to you by the platform.

As a platform, Collectivity does not automatically collect information on how often you log on to the platform, where you connect from, your operating system, your device, viewed pages, etc. However, in order to optimize learning on the Collectivity performance, we have registered the platform with Google Analytics which provides such information in an aggregate way (i.e. without the possibility of linking the data to specific users).

How information is shared

Your profile is by default fully visible to other members or visitors of Collectivity, and can be found via a search in any of the web browsers.

You can however decide to limit access to your profile, only to Collectivity members or project managers, by changing your preferences on your account page

Please note:

  • Administrators, community managers and project managers of activities for which you applied will always have full access to your profile; this is how they can best involve you in activities matching your declared interests
  • When you contribute to an activity or a community on Collectivity, your name will appear among the member list of this activity/community; this is how Collectivity allows you to enrich your collaborative profile.
  • Any post of you in a public discussion space on the platform will be accessible to all the other members of that project/activity. If the discussion you are contributing to is parameterized to “public”, your answers will be visible to anyone.
  • The use of the parameters “public” and ”restricted access” is at the discretion of the project manager of the concerned activity/community who can change them at any point.

How long do we store your data

The information collected and stored by Collectivity is linked to the existence of a valid user account. We stop collecting new data from the moment you choose to delete your account.

Once your account is deleted, your profile and all its information will stop being visible and accessible on the platform within 24 hours.


  • Collectivity can keep a record of you in its database. This is for internal statistics purpose only.
  • You will continue to appear in the Collectivity mailing list, until you specify that you no longer wish to receive our emails.
  • Your contribution to public discussions on the platform will still be visible, but will no longer be associated with your name. Your involvement in activities or group discussions will from that point onwards, be attributed to an “unknown user”.
  • Collectivity has no control over data that other members may have copied prior to the deletion of your account.

To delete your account, please see the chapter “Your rights and how to exercise them” hereafter in the present document.

Your rights and how to exercise them

You can access and control your data at any point:

  • Delete data, by deleting your account yourself or by asking us to do so on your behalf.
  • Edit data, by modifying it through your account or profile page.In some case you can also ask us to change, update or fix errors in your data for you (exception: platform administrators will not be able to change your contact email or password).
  • Right to access and export: you can ask us for a copy of your personal data and can ask for a copy of personal data you provided in machine readable form.

About security

We have taken the necessary security measures to limit the risk of unauthorised access, loss or disclosure (e.g. by hacking) and regularly monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. However, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you send us.

Future changes

You will be notified of any modification to the current Privacy Policy by email and/or directly on the platform, and we will request your explicit approval to make such changes.


For any question of further information, please contact mrouve@thecollectivity.org or our contact form. You can also consult our FAQ page