“Walkshop” – First edition
Profondeville – Belgium, October 19th 2018
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19/10 - 19/10/2018
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Tired with workshops where you sit and listen to presentations? You are right: as shown by Standford’s researchers walking is superior to sitting to stimulate creativity. Another well-known recommendation for creative thinking is to interact with people not from your domain of knowledge: they will look at your problem from a different perspective and come up with original questions or solutions.

At Collectivity, we love to develop, implement and evaluate innovative approaches to boost collective intelligence. We are happy to invite you to our first walkshop, a co-creation workshop in the form of an outside walk.

On October 19th, we will tread paths of the beautiful Mosane valley to share knowledge, views and personal experiences, maybe develop new ideas together and pilot the walkshop approach.


Your contribution ? … just come and walk !

The cross-cutting theme of the day is "citizenships in transition". Participants will be split among different groups, each with its own theme. Topics already identified are : (1) decolonizing art and global health (facilitators: Vincent Meessen & Jean-Paul Dossou); (2) the relationships between memory, truth and reality at the age of the fake news (facilitator: Jean-Benoît Falisse); (3) the ecological transition as a new life horizon (facilitator: Christophe Nothomb); (4) towards the zero carbon health system (facilitator: David Hercot); (5) the role of ideology in decision-making in public health (facilitators: Catherine Lucet and Joël Arthur Kiendrébéogo).

Among one of the thematic groups, we expect you to think freely and exchange with the other participants. The co-production process during the walk will be facilitated and structured; there will also be plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and friendship.

No specific product is expected at the end of the day. However, we have good hopes that thanks to the variety of participants backgrounds and personalities, each group will come with new ideas, in the form of key actions to undertake in the coming months.

At the end of the day, at least one person will be invited to report the collective work of her/his group. We will also benefit from your feedback on the methodology.

If you would like to propose a theme, just contact us (see bottom of this page). An ideal theme is broad enough to interest the spectrum of participants of the walkshop.


No specific profile is requested, as long as our common global citizenship is dear to your heart. We anticipate very diversified participation, including people from Africa and Asia present in Belgium for other meetings or events.

You must be able to reach Profondeville by your own means. The walkshop will start around 11 am on October 19th and last till the late afternoon. We anticipate a walk of around 10 km, with some varied terrains. We will offer a lunch. More detailed information will be provided later on. If you can enjoy to walk in a Belgian forest for half a day and are willing to meet and share with new people from all over the World and from different sectors of activities… you are welcome. In your application letter, please specify the theme of your choice. Feel free to propose a new theme or offer your help as facilitator on an existing theme.

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