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1st webinar on governance for strategic purchasing 12 Feb 2019!

Dear colleagues,

Happy New Year 2019! I hope you had all a good start into the new year!Thanks for your feedback on the two options proposed for our work in 2019. Following the majority vote, we are happy to invite you to the first webinar on:

Governance for Strategic Purchasing

12 February at 14:00 CET


The series of webinars planned throughout the year will highlight topics that align to key aspects of the governance framework for strategic purchasing, which is currently being finalised by WHO. Some of you already may know this framework from the skills building workshop on governance for strategic purchasing at the HSR Symposium in Liverpool.


Webinars will aim at illustrating these aspects with specific country cases based on your experiences and with your contributions.

The proposed agenda for the first webinar is:

- Presentation: Conceptual overview of governance for strategic purchasing and explanation of assessment guide (by WHO)

- Questions, comments, feedback by participants

- Decision on sub-topics for the following webinars (e.g., strengthening governance of the purchaser market, strengthening governance of the purchasing agency, citizen participation in governance arrangements, information requirements for strategic purchasing,...)

- Sharing of country examples from your experience

- Discussion of a potential method and product for synthesizing learnings across the series of webinars


We will share the presentation (and a calendar invite) a few days in advance. For participants (or country teams) interested in applying this framework, please let us know and we can discuss further how to support this from our side.


Please do not hesitate to share this invitation with other colleagues who might be interested.


We are looking forward to a new year of exciting discussions around strategic purchasing!


Best wishes,

Danielle and Aurélie