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Call for expression of interest to participate in consultation on Q&A guide on case-based/ DRG system

Dear colleagues,


More and more low- and middle income countries seek to shift to more strategic purchasing of health services and consider case-based payments including DRG payments to increase efficiency in the use of funding and availability of information on health service provision. The successful introduction and operation of such a case based payment system highly depends on the country context, health system features as well as on the design of the payment system.


Policy makers are therefore seeking guidance on the pros and cons of case-based (or DRG) systems, on when and how to introduce these, the institutions and resources required. While much information is available in the literature, it is not readily synthesized.  To respond to the need for clear guidance, WHO is developing a Questions & Answers guide. The guide will provide a description of different options available for case-based payments and how to shift towards more complex systems; and discuss overall considerations for system requirements, governance and institutional needs, as well as intended and unintended consequences in the short- and long term.


An online consultation with a group of experts, practitioners and policy makers is planned between September and December 2018, with the objective to review the draft Q&A guide and to provide further input, especially regarding issues faced during country implementation and sharing lessons learned.


We would like to ask

experts who have been involved in the development, design and/or implementation of case-based/ DRG systems and/or
practitioners who are working for a purchasing agency which has been or is considering introduction of a case-based/ DRG system and/or
policy makers whose country has been or is considering introduction of a case-based/ DRG system

who have experience in LMIC settings
are willing to review and contribute to a draft Q&A guide and participate in online consultation discussions.

to express their interest in participating in this process and/or to suggest experts to be included in the process through sending an email by 31 August 2018 to .


We would also like to know whether any of you will attend the Liverpool HSR Symposium and is interested to join an informal meeting to discuss this work during the conference.


Thanks a lot,

Best wishes,

Aurelie Klein, Inke Mathauer and Karin Stenberg