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Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research
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Hello to all! We are Juliette Alenda and Hyacinthe Kankeu Tchewonpi. We both are economists in post-doctorates, specialized in health economics in African countries.

We have led this year a Collectivity working group about petty corruption in public health facilities in Africa. This group was the continuation of an interview and of the deep discussion that we had after this publication within the CoPs.

Corruption in the health sector is a multidimensional phenomenon whose causes can be identified on several levels (see our latest blog in French on this topic). It remains poorly documented in African countries (the existing literature mainly covers Central and Eastern European countries). The Afrobarometer surveys reveal a strong variability in the magnitude of the problem from one country to another, reflecting not only a strong correlation with the general climate of corruption in each country, but also a structural link with the socio-cultural context. It also echoes the need to adopt multidisciplinary approaches in the study of this phenomenon in order to propose effective solutions to overcome them.

We would like to continue this reflection at the forthcoming Symposium on Health Systems Research to be held in Liverpool on 8-12 October 2018, which represents an ideal opportunity to broaden this debate. The idea is to propose an organized session (deadline for submission: 15 January) on this issue of petty corruption / informal payments in public health structures within the developing world. In particular, we intend to address (1) barriers that corruption creates for the most vulnerable and (2) strategies to remove those barriers and to empower the users in their interaction with health facilities.

Our goal is to bring together people working on this issue, whether the considerations are theoretical, methodological, etc.


During the session organized, 3 to 4 researchers will share findings obtained from primary or secondary analysis of quantitative or qualitative data. The discussions, which we are sure will be rich, will later be shared on various forums, including the Collectivity's blog.

At this point, we invite you to express your interest and inform us of the results you could share at the conference. The two of us will analyze your proposals and make a first selection of possible contributors. We will then respond to all the candidates to inform them of our decision. With the selected group, we will then be able to build together the organized session proposal to be submitted to Health System Global, which can take the form of a round table, or rather the classic form of presentations / discussions. We aim at a multidisciplinary session.


You are researchers or experts in health systems, and you work on the issue of corruption in health, in Africa or elsewhere in the developing world. You are planning to attend the next symposium in Liverpool. You have original empirical data relevant to the theme of our organized session. All fields of science are welcome on this issue.

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