Moving towards national health insurance
A proposition for a component-based sequencing
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10/04 - 30/06/2017
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Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa are looking to set up national health insurance with the ambition of achieving universal coverage. In the classic approaches, launching national health insurance requires building a whole ‘techno-structure’ at once (premium collection, risk pooling, claim system...). In a new blogpost on Health Financing in Africa, Erik Josephson argues that the components of national health insurance could be sequenced over time.

Some ideas are so inspiring that they radically change the way we do things. We suspect that Erik’s idea could transform the way low-income countries try to roll out their national health insurance. The idea however still needs some fine-tuning. We have decided to ‘crowdsource’ this improvement process to the international community of health financing experts. With your help, we hope to be able to improve the proposition and convert the blogpost into a journal viewpoint… Join us for an innovative writing endeavour.


We look for your expertise to improve Erik Josephson's idea. Here is the way to proceed:

  1. Read carefully Erik’s blogpost.
  2. Contribute with comments at the bottom of the blog. Help us to improve this idea by strenghtening the argumentation, providing evidence and references, by suggesting other positive effects of such an approach, by identifying possible limits. Long comments are welcome. We value all your thoughts, even the most critical ones.
  3. Erik Josephson and Professor Bruno Meessen will then take all the contributions, revise the initial text and convert it into a viewpoint. Your support will be acknowledged: all the contributors’ names will be listed in the acknowledgement section of the paper.
  4. We hope to be able to share a first draft of the paper in June. After a new cycle of comments, the paper will be submitted to a scientific journal.

 This is of course highly experimental. To our knowledge, no one has ever crowdsourced a paper that way. Let's see whether we can do it together.


Anyone with an expertise in Universal Health Coverage and health financing is welcome. All comments should be made before April 30, 2017.

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