Mapping the governance of the Covid-19 response
A multi-country project
Project Work Period
01/06 - 15/07/2020
Expected Time Commitment
1 to 5 hours
Working Languages
English & French
Recent Activity
over 2 years ago
Available Positions
3 out of 50


Everywhere around the world, Covid-19 is changing the way we live as individuals but also as members of society. Faced with a deadly pandemic, governments, but also private companies and civil society, have taken unprecedented measures to curb the spread of SARS-CoV-2. How are these decisions made? Who makes them? And how are people and their representatives informed and involved? These are fundamental questions for the sustainability and effectiveness of the Covid-19 responses, but also for the post-Covid-19 societies and health systems that will, one day, emerge.

The Covid-19 governance mapping project is a collaborative project that documents responses to Covid-19 around the world. You can read our blog here and see some of the work we have started doing here


We are looking for volunteers to help us with expertise on the cases they know.

We are asking you to share knowledge of the contexts you live and work within, and what Covid-19 governance looks like in your countries. In particular, contributions looking at Asian, Latin American, and West African countries are most welcome.

You will have to collect information and report it in templates common to the different document countries.

You will be listed as a contributor to this major project (if you wish so) and you will be invited in taking part to the data analysis effort (that will lead to policy and academic publications).


Any person who cares about governance in health and governance in general. You do not have to work on the country you are writing about, but being familiar with the issues or context you are exploring will help. You need to be rigorous, and any information that is shared should have a clear and legitimate source.

Depending on how much you wish to contribute, this activity will take you between 30 minutes and 5 hours. In fact, you can work as much as you want on this.

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