Information system for strategic purchasing
Strategic Purchasing Working Group
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Project Work Period
01/11/2017 - 31/05/2018
Expected Time Commitment
1 hour per week
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English & French
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This thematic group is part of the larger collaborative learning initiative on strategic purchasing. This initiative is jointly led by the WHO, ITM and the FAHS and PBF Communities of Practice. We propose to work together on five thematic groups under this initiative.

This group will seek to come up with a set of recommendations drawn from several experiences on the necessary features of an information system to reform payment methods for Primary Health Care. We propose to focus on the PHC level as a first step (and in order to set boundaries to the topic).

This includes discussions on the minimum data standard required to be collected to inform decision making, as well as the necessary institutional set up to ensure that data is not only generated but also analysed and used for decision making.  We will therefore adopt a stepwise approach by defining first what data is needed, and then explore different experiences of introduction of new payment methods in order to draw the dos and don'ts from a info system perspective.

The proposed objectives of this group are therefore:

  • To share tacit and explicit knowledge on the topic of information systems for reforms of provider payment systems  
  • To propose a minimum data standard necessary to introduce a payment reform 
  • To draw lessons from countries’ experiences on information systems’ transformation for reforming payment methods

The final outputs will be a synthesis of the group work – which could take different formats (e.g., webinars, blogs, as well as other media) –  that should help countries identify the key requirements in terms of information systems that need to be met before or during the progressive transformation of the mix of provider payment methods.  Facilitation will use several media (web-based discussions, webinars, web-based documentaries, flash consultations) over the next 6 months.  


As a member of this sub-group, you will:

  • Discuss and refine the group objectives and content (by early November 2017)
  • Share your knowledge and experience(s) on the minimum data set for payment reform at PHC level (November – December 2017)
  • Share your knowledge and experience(s) on the opportunities and hindrances to integrate information flows and financial flows in your respective health system upon introduction of a new payment method (January 2018 – February 2018) Co-author a synthesis report summarising the key issues and drawing the lessons (March-May 2018)
  • Assist in the dissemination of the work produced by the subgroup, both at national and international level.


This group is open to members of the Strategic Purchasing Collectivity Initiative. We look for country teams as well as individuals working on purchasing or employed in purchasing agencies that are interested in discussing information systems suitable to introduce new / to modify existing payment methods. The group will be facilitated by Fahdi Dkhimi and Cheikna Touré.

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