HSR2018 - Analyzing CoPs' actions in global health
Organized session "Knowledge Management for Health Systems" - Health System Global Symposium, Liverpool, Oct 2018
Project Work Period
18/12/2017 - 15/01/2018
Expected Time Commitment
1-2 hours a week
Working Languages
English & French
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Hello! My name is Lara Gautier, I am a PhD student in Global Health at the University of Montreal, with joint supervision from the Paris-Diderot University (see profile). My dissertation focuses on the spread of Performance Based Financing (PBF) in Africa.

A part of my work is focused on the role played by the PBF community of practice (PBF CoP) as a "PBF dissemination agent" in many African countries, and I am interested in the CoP’s contribution to:

· defining a PBF that is designed by and for Africans

· generating a spirit of emulation around PBF in Africa (where countries share common languages, and a feeling of belonging to a community of peers)

· collecting and disseminating the different forms of knowledge about PBF (based on the experience of PBF programs)

·  driving forward cooperation between the various PBF actors in Africa.

In light of current global challenges, it would be useful, in my opinion, to reflect on the role and possible contribution of CoPs to global health. The 2018 symposium on health systems research, slated for 8-12 October in Liverpool, would be the ideal opportunity for this.

The idea is to offer an organised session (submission deadline: January 15th) on methodological approaches to analysing the contribution of communities of practice (or similar collaborative approaches) to the dissemination of new paradigms (e.g. the SDG agenda, initiatives in favour of parity, the decoloniality of knowledge) or repertoires of practices supporting global health policies (e.g. universal health coverage, PBF) around the world. I suggest we work together, in partnership with the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, towards a proposal for an organised session.


During the session, 3 to 4 researchers will share their thoughts on the different ways of analysing the contribution of CoPs to the dissemination of new global health paradigms and policies. Participants will present their theoretical and methodological approaches, in addition to their results (generated from qualitative or quantitative, primary or secondary data). The outcome of this exchange, as well as discussions with the audience will then be shared on various forums, including the “Collectivity” blog.

At this point, we invite you to express your interest and inform us of the results that you will be able to share at the conference.

With the assistance of a small committee of CoP experts, I will analyse your proposals and make an initial selection. Each expert who has expressed an interest will then be contacted and informed of our decision. Then, together with the experts who have the most relevant proposals, we will discuss the session’s format and finalise our submission to Health Systems Global.


A researcher or expert who is active in knowledge management for health systems, you are planning to attend the next symposium in Liverpool and have original empirical data that is relevant to the theme of our organised session.


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