Health financing landscape in WC Africa
User fees affecting the access to HIV, TB and malaria services
Africa - International
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15/07 - 31/12/2019
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The Global Fund has issued a request for proposals to document the health financing landscape and the types of user fees affecting the access to HIV, Tuberculosis and malaria services in West and Central Africa.

Health financing and multi-country studies are established areas of work for the Communities of Practice (CoPs). AEDES, in partnership with Oeconomia, the Health Policy & Financing Unit of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, the Financial Access to Health Services CoP and the Performance-Based Financing CoP, has submitted a proposal to the Global Fund.

For this ambitious multi-country study, the CoPs are looking for health system experts based in the 22 Western or Central African countries.


The terms of reference developed by the Global Fund define what will be expected from the contractor. The work consists in a two-step approach with a desk review followed by field visits to nine countries. According to the call, the work is expected to be carried out by four international experts. In our proposal, we propose the Global Fund to involve a team of country-based experts and adopt a collaborative approach for part of the assignment.

We see a role for the CoP experts at the two steps. For the first step, the CoP experts will mainly contribute by (i) commenting on the analytical framework developed by the consortium partners; (ii) collecting key national documents on health financing; (iii) carrying out the pre-data analysis on the basis of the framework; and (iv) reviewing the report sections focused on their country. For this first step, we will look for 1 expert from each of the 22 countries

For the second step, we will work with at least 1 expert from the nine countries of focus: Cameroon, CAR, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Togo, Sierra Leone and Senegal. Country-based country experts will work in close collaboration with visiting international experts. Among other things, they will participate to data collection, facility surveys and report writing. One expert per country will be invited to be co-authored of the final report or scientific paper based on the country field work.

Important note: for both steps, the actual work will take place only if the consortium is awarded the Global Fund contract. There will be an economic compensation for the CoP experts; it will tailored according to the actual volume of work. We have budgeted 2 days of work for the 22 experts of phase 1 and 10 days of work for the experts of the phase 2.

In order to apply for this activity :

  • First, make sure that your Collectivity profile is complete and provides enough information on your own previous work in health financing or the three diseases (only the applicants with a Collectivity profile will be examined).
  • Click on “join the project” at the top or bottom of the present page.
  • Complete the requested cover letter then click on “send my cover letter”.
  • You will then receive a message confirming that your application has been correctly sent.

When we are notified about the outcome of the bidding process, we will inform all applicants of the decision of the Global Fund. If our consortium is selected by the Global Fund, all the complete applications will be examined. We will then move fast for the selection of the country experts for step 1. All selected experts will work from their place of residence. Experts for step 2 will be confirmed after the execution of step 1.


We are looking for experts : 

  • Based in Western or Central Africa
  • With a significant experience, background or proven interest in health financing or HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis or Malaria
  • With good access to health policy documents (Ministry of Health and aid partners)
  • With some experience in empirical research and data collection at health facility level  
  • Able to work and communicate in English or French. Mastering both languages will be an asset.
  • Familiar with the CoP collaborative approach.

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