Community Health CoP facilitation team
Project Work Period
01/01 - 31/12/2018
Expected Time Commitment
4 hours / day
Working Languages
English & French
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almost 5 years ago
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Advancing community health will be central to achieving sustainable development and universal primary healthcare. As a global community, we need to further integrate community health approaches into national and local health policy and systems. In line with this objective, UNICEF is looking for an institution to host and facilitate a Community of Practice for Community Health.

The Department of Public Health (Prof: Bruno Meessen) of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (ITM) intends to submit a letter of intent to UNICEF. Given our strong experience with Communities of Practice (CoPs), we believe that our team could be a very good candidate for this ambitious initiative. We are currently finalizing our application. We are looking for experts ready to join the future facilitation team.


The terms of reference developed by UNICEF clearly define what will be expected from the contractor. Among other things, the facilitation team will have to: (1) set up and facilitate an online community; (2) grow the membership of the CoP; (3) develop relevant learning agendas; (4) represent the CoP in international relevant events; (5) evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy… (ToR available on request).

We want to develop a proposal building on a strong and diverse team. Besides ITM-based staff, we are looking for a cohesive team of experts from the South. They will be expected to play key facilitation roles, especially content-wise. They will also be invited to contribute to the governance of the CoP. These experts will work from their place of residence. 

Note that the actual work will take place only if ITM is awarded the UNICEF contract. We have not decided yet how we will distribute the workload within our team. This will greatly depend on the skills we manage to gather. Among the team members, we hope to identify at least 1 expert who will be ready to take some leadership responsibilities. This person will be contractually accountable to ITM through a part-time short term consultant contract.

Accordingly, we invite Collectivity experts interested in this challenge to apply. After a short selection process, the best rated applicants will be invited to a Skype interview. We will then identify the possible distribution of roles and hopefully identify at least one expert ready to take some leadership role (part-time).

In order to apply for this activity :

-    First, make sure that your Collectivity profile is complete and provides enough information on your own involvement in community health (only the applicants with a full Collectivity profile will be examined).

-        Click on “join the project” at the top or bottom of the present page.

-        Complete the requested cover letter then click on “send my cover letter”.

-     You will then receive a message confirming that your application has been correctly sent.

The applications will be examined in the following days. We will move fast for the selection of the expert(s) for remunerated position(s). This will occurs the last week of October 2017 the latest. All the applicants will be informed about how we see the next steps before the end of November. We hope of course that those who will not be selected for a remunerated positions will still be eager to move forward the CoP forward with us.


We are looking for experts : 

  • With a significant experience, background or proven interest in “Community Health” 
  • Connected with networks and groups active in community health
  • Based in the South. Africa and South Asia will be key target geographical areas for the CoP.
  • Able to work and communicate in English or French. Mastering both languages will be a major asset for leadership role
  • Interested in knowledge management activities and peer-to-peer coproduction. Previous experience with facilitation of a community will be a strong asset
  • Familiar with digital technologies and social media 
  • With a good access to internet
  • With a current activity which leaves enough time to take an active role in the facilitation of the CoP

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