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Re-imagining health systems in Francophone Africa for better health and social justice
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08/07 - 31/08/2019
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English & French
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13 out of 20


The International Health Policies (IHP Network) is an initiative of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, run by the Health Policy and Financing Unit. In line with the “Switching the Poles” vision of ITM, the aim of the network is to primarily boost the influence of scholars and other experts from the Global South on the global health policy agenda, with a focus on young health policy & systems researchers. The IHP network sends out a weekly newsletter on Friday, “your weekly International update on Health Policies”, providing a comprehensive weekly digest of global health policy news, global health governance updates, key global health & HPSR publications. The newsletter also has a Featured article every week (as the ‘Editorial’). In addition to the newsletter, IHP also regularly publishes blogs on the IHP website, under the supervision of Kristof Decoster (IHP editor-in-chief) and the editorial team.

As the International Health Policies website got a revamp recently, we would like to celebrate “the new look and feel” of IHP by inviting a number of bloggers (both in English & French), specifically from Francophone Africa, to contribute to IHP.

As for possible themes and topics to blog about, we flag here that one year from now, the sixth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research will take place in Dubai, themed “Re-imagining health systems for better health and social justice”. Bloggers could be inspired by this theme, and/or one or a few of the subthemes listed for the symposium (see the HSG website link above: resp ‘engaging political forces’; ‘engaging social, economic and environmental forces’; ‘engaging technology, data, and social innovations’).

See also below, ‘your contribution’, for some more ideas on possible topics to blog about.


Do send a pitch of the blog you have in mind by 31 July. The pitch should be no more than 200 words.

Out of (max) 20 applications, we aim to select 10 blog proposals to turn into blog posts for IHP, during August. If selected, you will be notified by 10 August that you can turn the pitch into a full blog post.

Blogs for IHP are typically 500-800 words, with hyperlinks only (instead of references), and should ideally also have a message for a global (health policy & systems) audience.  In order to avoid any confusion on the final product: blogs are relatively ‘smooth reads’, easy to digest, and are thus anything but ‘reworked abstracts’.

The best 3 blogs will also feature as Editorial/Featured article in the weekly IHP newsletter which is sent out on Friday and has thousands of subscribers from all around the world. But all (10) blogs will be published on IHP, after some back & fro with the editorial team.


In addition to blogs linked to the Dubai symposium theme/subthemes, if you want, you can also come up with an entirely new angle on some of the health (system/policy) challenges in your country (Guinée, Niger…) or region (for example the Sahel, Western-Africa…) in the new SDG health era, fragile & conflict affected settings in your region, health SDG donor activity in your region, new donors’ activity (like China, UAE, Turkey…) in your country/region, the impact of accelerating climate change on health (systems) in your country/region, or other disruptive trends, environmental/occupational health… Also, of course (as is hinted at in the HSG subthemes), blogs are invited on what to do then about some of these challenges, in order to get to “better health and social justice in your health systems”.


Any health policy or systems researcher/expert from Francophone Africa with a nice and timely idea for a blog post can send a pitch.

Can be in English or in French.

Have questions? Contact the Project Manager(s): ▾