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03/02 - 28/02/2017
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English & French
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over 5 years ago
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CoPs are committed to knowledge sharing and capacity building, and they regularly organize webinars. The editorial team of the webinar series has the ambition to offer a high-quality service, both in terms of content and form. For that purpose, they invited some of you to provide some feedback on the last webinars (January 18th and 20th) through a short online questionnaire. All those of you who have filled in the questionnaire are invited to value this contribution by joining this Collectivity project. Individual answers to the survey remain strictly anonymous and confidential.


The task is very simple:  you just have to to dedicate a few minutes (10-15 min) to complete the questionnaire entitled "Webinar: your opinion counts", which was sent to you through the online forum of your CoP (between February 6th and 10th 2017).


This project is open to anyone who was invited to the webinars dedicated to the challenges of the Result Based Financing scaling up (speakers: Bruno Meessen and Zubin Shroff).

Our survey targets on three categories of people:

(i) Persons who had registered to one of our two webinars, and were able to attend.

(ii) People who had registered to one of our two webinars, but were unable to attend.

(iii) Persons who had not registered but still wish to inform us about the barriers they encountered.

When you sign up for the project, please enter in your cover letter the 'secret word' that you discovered at the end of the electronic questionnaire.

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