"Gender balance in Global Health"
Organized session - Health System Global Symposium, Liverpool, Oct 2018
Project Work Period
18/12/2017 - 15/01/2018
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1-2 hour a week
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English & French
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Hello. My name is Kévine Laure Nkaghere (see profile). As a District Medical Officer in Cameroon, I am aware of the obstacles that women face in developing their work within health systems.

I led an online study on women's participation in communities of practice (CoP) activities with other members of the CoP, where the objective was the identification of catalysts and barriers to women's participation in our knowledge management activities, and effective ways of overcoming such barriers. Our sample of 203 respondents, registered on the “Financial Access to Health Services” and “Health Service Delivery” CoPs, allowed us to investigate and report the different barriers encountered by women in Africa and elsewhere when participating in knowledge management activities, both digitally and physically. Respondents also made some recommendations on how to correct the observed lack of participation by women. In addition to this, the study provided a more general assessment of the benefits of CoPs.

We would like to present our study at the next symposium on health systems research, scheduled for October 8-12, 2018, in Liverpool. This would ideally be integrated into an organised session (deadline for submission: 15 January) on gender-related challenges in global health. Together with my partners at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, we are looking for people with original empirical evidence on the issue of women's participation in decision-making and knowledge sharing in health systems. I propose that we hold a joint session,... or that you invite me to join yours!  


During the organised session, 3-4 researchers or experts will share results generated from qualitative or quantitative, primary or secondary data. We will interact with the audience and identify a course of action which will then be shared on different forums, including the “Collectivity” blog.

At this point, we invite you to express your interest and inform us of the results that you will be able to share at the conference. Studies can shed light on the issue of women's participation in knowledge management activities, the specific barriers they face or the results of solutions that you have implemented.

With the assistance of a small committee of CoP experts, I will analyse your proposals and make the initial selection of possible contributors. I will then personally contact each expert who has expressed an interest, and inform them of our decision. Finally, together with the experts who have the most relevant proposals, we will discuss the session’s format in a collegial manner and finalise our submission to Health Systems Global. Please note that my intention is not to chair the session at this junction, I am more interested in promoting its implementation.


A researcher or expert who is active in health systems, you are planning to attend the next symposium in Liverpool and have original empirical data that is relevant to the theme of our organised session. Male colleagues are of course welcome, but no surprise: we will try to promote a good gender balance in our session!

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