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Enroll today in the Community Health Academy's first (free) leadership course: Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs!

We're very excited to share with this Community of Practice that the Community Health Academy’s first leadership course – Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs to Deliver Primary Health Care – is now live!

Join 3,400 learners from over 150 countries already enrolled. You can enroll for free at the following link: https://www.edx.org/course/strengthening-community-health-worker-programs-to-deliver-primary-health-care  

This course – offered in partnership with HarvardX and edX – was developed by health systems leaders for current and future health systems leaders, and explores how to build, optimize, and advocate for national community health worker programs. It draws on case studies from countries with exemplary community health worker programs — including Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Liberia — as well as lessons learned from a range of experts from around the world.

Whether you work in a Ministry of Health, lead or support a community health worker program, or you are simply interested to know more about what it takes to deliver quality care through community health worker programs, this course offers the opportunity to advance your knowledge and skills to implement critical change. We're encouraging all learners enrolled in the course to join this Community of Practice to continue to enrich the global dialogue around designing and optimizing community health worker programs.

We hope you will join us! Enroll today: https://www.edx.org/course/strengthening-community-health-worker-programs-to-deliver-primary-health-care

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at info@communityhealthacademy.org


This is the first in a series of learning opportunities to be offered through the Community Health Academy, which partners with Ministries of Health to strengthen the clinical skills of community health workers and the capacity of health systems leaders to build higher quality systems by leveraging the power of digital training tools. For more information, visit communityhealthacademy.org.