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SURVEY: Safeguarding – Preventing and addressing harm in international development research

The ARISE team at LSTM has been working with the University of Liverpool on a piece of research commissioned by UKCDR looking at safeguarding in an international development context.  Part of this research involves a survey which has been sent out to a number of organisations globally, and which we are being asked to share.
Please see the email below which includes a link to the survey,
We are particularly keen to get southern partner and frontline researcher inputs into this survey (which is anonymous)
Thanks and best wishes
Faye, Sally and Rachel

(Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)


SURVEY: Safeguarding – Preventing and addressing harm in international development research
Thank you so much for your interest in participating in UKCDR’s consultations on safeguarding in international development research.
As you may be aware, earlier this year, UKCDR commissioned an independent evidence review, which highlighted the nature of safeguarding issues in the context of international development research, and reviewed existing policies and practices. Drawn from this review, a draft set of principles and good practice guidance were developed.
As part of the next phase of this work, we are undertaking consultations with relevant stakeholders to finalise and validate these principles, and would really appreciate your input in this. The University of Liverpool, who are leading this next phase of work, have developed a survey in partnership with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine to guide this next phase.
Please find the survey here: https://www.ukcdr.org.uk/resource/survey-safeguarding-in-international-development-research/
We would greatly appreciate if you could also share this survey within your networks, as we are extremely keen to receive feedback from a wide range of stakeholders who this guidance would be relevant to.  
In terms of the types of stakeholders we are trying to engage, please find a list below  (but feel free to share wider than those represented on the list). A version of the survey in French and Spanish will be uploaded on the same web page link next week to support this for Francophone and Spanish speaking countries.

Higher Education Institutions
Other Research Institution or Think Tanks
Philanthropic/Charitable Foundations
Research Councils
Government Departments or Ministries
Community-Based Organisation
National Non-Governmental Organisation
International Non-Governmental Organisation
UN Agencies
Private Sector
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@ukcdr.org.uk
Best wishes,
Sheila Mburu
Research and Policy Officer
UK Collaborative on Development Research